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27 Shows Featuring Tight-Knit (But Complicated) Bonds Like 'Ginny & Georgia'

Plenty to tide you over until the show comes back.

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Scene From Ginny & Georgia — Shows Like Ginny & Georgia

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia, starring Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry, was a smash hit for the streaming service this year. The show is about a mother and daughter who move to a new town to seemingly settle in — something they’d done numerous times before. As can be expected with any show about a teenager, Ginny (Gentry) gets herself in and out of trouble. What makes Ginny & Georgia all the more binge-worthy, though, is that Georgia (Howey) gets in her fair share of trouble, too. There’s love, there’s arguing, there’s drama, there’s mystery, and everything in between on this show. Complex women with complicated relationships are front and center, and, really, we can all agree that TV can use even more of that. Fortunately, other shows like Ginny & Georgia that’ll offer you all of the same nuanced dynamics (and, yes, drama) do exist. You’ve just got to know where to look.

If you’re anything like us, you binged the entire first season in a weekend and have been waiting not-so-patiently for the second season. At this point, all we know is that the second season is coming. At some point. Don’t worry; the following shows should tide you over until the time comes.

Shows Like Ginny & Georgia

1. Trinkets (2019-2020)

Like Ginny & Georgia, Trinkets is another show with a largely teenage cast. In this Netflix Original, a group of teen girls find themselves in the same Shoplifters Anonymous group and become an unlikely group of friends. Both shows offer a fair amount of hijinks that come with being a teenager up to no good, though Trinkets may have some slightly more heavy undertones.

2. Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

There have been comparisons between Ginny & Georgia and Gilmore Girls simply due to the mother-daughter storyline at the core of both shows. Gilmore Girls, a beloved series from the early 2000s, features a mother and daughter in Connecticut who are the best of friends and just trying to make it through life together. Although it’s more of a light, fun show than Ginny & Georgia, you’ll find the loving and sometimes difficult central relationship in both shows.

3. Family Reunion (2019-2022)

Although Family Reunion is a true sitcom, making it much lighter fare than Ginny & Georgia, you’ll find it has many of the same themes: moving to a new town, feeling like a fish out of water, living in two different worlds, and more. And like Ginny, Family Reunion‘s teenage daughter Jade definitely experiences some “growing pains” tied to her family’s decisions.

4. Firefly Lane (2021- )

The tight-knit bond on this Netflix Original comes from two best friends rather than a mother and daughter, but it still carries a lot of the same vibes — especially because these two have been friends for nearly their whole lives. Firefly Lane feels a bit more soap opera-ish than Ginny & Georgia, but it does have some of the mysteries and heartfelt moments that Ginny & Georgia does.

5. Dead to Me (2019- )

Another show that features a best friend relationship is Dead to Me. But the difference here is that these best friends are new best friends who bond through one of the biggest secrets — death. The dark comedy has some of the same mysterious vibes as Ginny & Georgia and is a nice change of pace from the newer Netflix show.

6. The Duchess (2020)

This highly underrated and totally hilarious show features a single mother and her young daughter, much like Ginny & Georgia. The Duchess more heavily features the mom in the equation and her quest to figure out if she should have another child — and if so, with whom. If you found yourself wanting more of the motherly storyline from Ginny & Georgia, this is a good one to check out next.

7. Friday Night Lights (2006-2011)

Not only will this give you another dose of Scott Porter (who appears in both shows), but the relationship between mother and daughter in this football show is also akin to Ginny & Georgia. While mom and daughter in Friday Night Lights aren’t the only members of the family, they do share a tense but loving relationship.

More Shows Like Ginny & Georgia

  1. The Society (2019)
  2. Good Girls (2018- )
  3. Love, Victor (2020- )
  4. Alexa & Katie (2018-2020)
  5. Spinning Out (2020)
  6. Killing Eve (2018-2022)
  7. My So-Called Life (1994-1995)
  8. Teenage Bounty Hunters (2020)
  9. The Wilds (2020- )
  10. Greenhouse Academy (2017-2020)
  11. Atypical (2017-2021)
  12. Sweet Magnolias (2020- )
  13. One Day at a Time (2017-2020)
  14. Jane the Virgin (2014-2019)
  15. Never Have I Ever (2020- )
  16. Dear White People (2017-2021)
  17. Crowded (2016)
  18. Better Things (2016-2022)
  19. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! (2021)
  20. Angry Mom (2015)

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