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13 Movies Like Matilda the Musical Your Family Will Want To Watch On Repeat

There are plenty of magical and melodic options for your queue.

Written by Kelly Schremph
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Every kid wants to believe in magic. Not only that, they want to believe they are capable of magic. It's what makes the story of Matilda Wormwood such a captivating tale — one reimagined in the 2022 adaptation Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical, which hit Netflix on Dec. 25.

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It's sure to become a must-see for many families! But if you find yourself craving similar content to what this musical comedy about a magical young girl offers, here are a few other suggestions.

Dan Smith/Netflix © 2022

Matilda | 1996

This, of course, is an obvious choice. Between the ‘90s nostalgia and all-star cast (including a particularly villainous Danny DeVito as Matilda’s conniving father), you’re guaranteed to immerse yourself in every fantastical scene. And yes, Miss Trunchbull is just as terrifying as you remember.

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Annie | 1982

Matilda wasn’t an orphan like Annie, but I bet she sometimes felt like one, given the way her family treated her. And let’s face it, Miss Hannigan did possess a few very Trunchbull-like qualities. But much like Matilda, Annie never let her unfortunate circumstances get her down.

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Mary Poppins Returns | 2018

Much like Matilda, now-grown Jane and Michael Banks are facing tough times. But with a little magic (and a dash of optimism), thanks to a visit from their beloved childhood nanny Mary Poppins, they rediscover joy. Oh, and there’s singing!

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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory | 1971

This one just so happens to be another Dahl classic. If you can’t move things with your mind, the next best thing that could happen to a kid would be winning a golden ticket to a chocolate factory like Charlie Bucket. Bonus: The film features some seriously memorable songs.

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Enchanted | 2007

Honestly, is there ever really a bad time to watch this movie? With the recent release of its sequel, Disenchanted, why not go back to where the magic all began? Watch as Giselle embarks on a journey of self-discovery and finds a new kind of happily ever after she never thought possible.

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Shrek the Musical | 2013

ICYMI, everyone’s favorite ogre and friends (Donkey!) found their way into a Broadway musical, which was released as a high-definition film in 2013. It’s every bit as funny and charming as the animated features — but with lots of great song moments, too.


Ella Enchanted | 2004

Poor Cinderella could never catch a break from her (step)family, and that gives off serious Matilda vibes. So, this modern spin on the classic tale makes a good follow-up — especially since magic makes its way into the mix. A highlight? Anne Hathaway’s rendition of “Somebody to Love.”

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Aladdin | 2019

While you could pick pretty much any live-action adaption of a Disney film for this list, you genuinely can’t go wrong with Aladdin. Just think of Genie as Miss Honey and Jafar as Trunchbull. And scrappy, street-smart Aladdin is obviously like our hero, Matilda.

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The Greatest Showman | 2017

Listen, if your kid loves musicals and they’re mature enough for this biopic, you’d be remiss not letting them watch with you. It’s as beautiful as it is entertaining, and while there isn’t any actual magic, it certainly feels like a magical adventure.

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Over the Moon | 2020

Check out the ribbon/headband in Fei Fei’s hair! Remind you of anyone? In this animated Netflix movie, a smart young girl builds a rocket so she can visit the mythic Moon Goddess. She makes it, and then a spectacular journey really begins.


Sneakerella | 2022

Another spin on the classic tale of Cinderella, this gem features a young boy named El who lives in Queens and wants to be a sneaker designer — the latter of which he hides from his mean-spirited stepfather and stepbrothers. Don’t worry; like Matilda, his dreams ultimately come true.


Hamilton | 2020

Hear us out. Both Alexander Hamilton and Matilda had rough starts in life. They’re both incredibly clever and resourceful. But also, this play by Lin-Manuel Miranda deserves to be watched on a loop. The musical productions alone are second to none.

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