Kelly Schremph

Kelly Schremph is an Entertainment and Lifestyle writer for Scary Mommy. She regularly pitches article and feature ideas to her editor pertaining to parenthood, pregnancy, family, movies, TV, and all things pop culture.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Communication Studies (as well as a minor in Theater), Kelly set her sights on moving to New York City. She made her first byline while interning for, which led to other freelance gigs for outlets, such as Us Weekly, Refinery29, BuddyTV, and NYC Monthly. However, the bulk of her writing career has been tied to BDG Media, where she’s worn many hats over the last nine years, from serving as an Entertainment News and TV writer for Bustle to becoming the Associate TV Editor for Romper. Since then, Kelly has moved to California with her husband, started a family, and shifted back to freelancing, this time for Scary Mommy.

When Kelly isn't watching TV (or writing about it), she's probably spending time with the two great loves her life: her son, Chris, (who is a full-blown toddler now, thank you for your thoughts at this time) and her yellow lab, Luna, who is almost 5 but remains a puppy at heart. You can follow Kelly on Twitter @Kellybean0415 or check out her LinkedIn page.

Making a Splash

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Let me count the ways

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Ruff Stuff

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New Perspective

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Worth A Rewatch

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Wait, Wait, Wait

This Home Alone Theory Will Change The Way You Watch The Christmas Classic

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Press Play

Love Wonka? Add These Whimsical Movies To Your Queue

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Unsung Holiday Heroes

These “Minor” Christmas Movie Characters 100% Deserve Their Own Reboots

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Sweet As Wonka Bars

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Well, This Is Fun

What To Get Your Dog For Christmas Based On Their Zodiac Sign

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Your New Holiday Queue

8 Underrated Christmas Movies That Deserve More Recognition

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I'm Shooketh

Rewatching Double, Double, Toil & Trouble As A Parent Makes It Crystal Clear Who The *Real* Villain Is

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Spoiler alert: It’s not the evil aunt/witch.

Creepy AF

I Rewatched 'Labyrinth' As An Adult & It Left Me With One Haunting Question

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It's Truly Haunting

I Can't Watch This Classic Family Halloween Movie Now That I'm A Mom

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baby boos!

12 Bewitching Baby Names Inspired By Hocus Pocus

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The Math Ain't Mathin'

The One Hocus Pocus Plot Point That’s Always Bothered Me

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