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If You Loved From Scratch, Add These 13 Movies & Shows To Your Queue

“I’m here to have a renaissance of my own.”

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ICYMI, everyone is talking about Netflix’s latest romantic drama, From Scratch — the based-on-a-real-couple tale of an American artist (Zoe Saldaña) and Sicilian chef (Eugenio Mastrandrea) whose love story takes a tragic turn when he gets diagnosed with a rare cancer. It’ll make you feel all the things. After you fall in love with Amy and Lino, move on to one of these other emotionally charged movies and shows.

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Sorry For Your Loss | 2018-2019

Where From Scratch leaves us seeing Amy just start to work through her grief, Sorry for Your Loss fully immerses us in it. Here, we meet Elizabeth Olsen as a young widow trying to pick up the pieces after her husband’s unexpected death.

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Under the Tuscan Sun | 2003

Like Amy, Frances (Diane Lane) experiences a personal “renaissance” when she moves to Italy — where she impulsively buys and renovates a villa. This one has a happy ending, so it’s a great palate cleanser if you need a break from sobbing over Lino for a bit.

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After Life | 2019-2022

This British black-comedy series starring Ricky Gervais is the perfect blend of funny and heartrending. Tony, a writer for a local newspaper, struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife from breast cancer, learning a lot about the art of living in the process.


P.S. I Love You | 2007

This one’s another tear-jerking tale of a passionate (sometimes tempestuous) love that gets cut short. After Holly’s husband Gerry dies, she begins receiving deliveries he’d planned for her prior to his death — culminating in a trip to his homeland of Ireland, where she starts to rediscover herself.

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This Is Us | 2016-2022

I mean, how could we not? Even as the end of This Is Us approaches, fans still have trouble accepting the untimely death of Pearson family patriarch Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). Not only does this series focus on rebuilding through grief, it also highlights the importance of family support.

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A Jazzman’s Blues | 2022

This Tyler Perry film has more in common with From Scratch than you might think: a love that the families disapprove of, a strong sense of place (here, the South), and an ultimate outcome that will wreck you. Plus, the fact that it’s full of jazz and blues is a subtle nod to Lino.

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Emily in Paris | 2020-

Give your tear ducts a break with this lighthearted romcom series! You’ll still get dreamy European backdrops, delectable food scenes, and steamy hookups... just without the gutwrenching pain of loss.

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The Big Sick | 2017

We all wish we could change Lino’s fate. In this semi-autobiographical film written by Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon, her character does pull through after battling a grave illness. And after overcoming everything from the illness to his family’s disapproval, their love pulls through, too.

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Parenthood | 2010-2015

In From Scratch, Amy and Lino’s families can be infuriating, but they also care for and lift the couple up through life’s biggest challenges. Such is also true of the Braverman family from this sentimental series. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry some more... it’s a journey.

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Love & Gelato | 2022

On the surface, this rom-com is a lot like From Scratch. A young American woman travels to Italy to find herself. There, she meets two Italian men — one an aspiring chef. However, even though there are a few sad moments in the film, it’s a mostly upbeat story.

Maila Iacovelli/Netflix © 2022

Eat Pray Love | 2010

Another based-on-a-true-story addition to the list, Eat Pray Love tells the story of Liz Gilbert (played by Julia Roberts), who realizes that — despite having everything she thought she wanted — she isn't fulfilled. So, she uproots everything on a quest of self-discovery that includes time in Italy.

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All My Life | 2020

Yes, this movie is also based on a real-life story. And, yes, it will shatter your heart. But like Amy and Lino, Jenn and Solomon will have you wholly invested in their inspiring, all-consuming love.

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A Million Little Things | 2018-

Sometimes family isn’t blood; it’s the people you meet along the way. That comes through loud and clear in this emotional ABC series. It’ll pretty much make you cry every week, but just think of it as a catharsis.

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