A Million Little Things Just Got Renewed For Season 5, But Will It Be The Last?

ABC has picked up the drama for a fifth season.

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James Roday Rodriguez and Lizzy Greene star in ABC's 'A Million Little Things.'
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If you've been a fan of ABC's A Million Little Things from the beginning, you're probably feeling pretty vindicated right about now. Because in its first few years, it seemed as though fans couldn't convince anyone the show would last beyond a season or two — and yet, following four successful seasons, A Million Little Things Season 5 just got the go-ahead. Yep, just shy of the Season 4 finale on May 18, the drama has officially been renewed. However, the news isn't necessarily all good.

With the decision to renew coming right down to the wire, it begs the question… will this be the final arc of episodes for this tight-knit group of friends and parents from Boston? It's becoming rarer and rarer for series (especially dramatic episodic series centered on friendship and family dynamics) to make it beyond a five- or six-season run. But A Million Little Things does something so few shows do in depicting complex issues like mental health, gender identity, and racism in a way that feels honest. Instead of giving them the standard sidenote treatment, the show doesn't shy away from centering conversations around these topics. Its entire premise revolves around the unexpected death of a friend.

So, what's next for Gary and the gang? Here's everything we know so far.

When is the Season 5 release date?

Sorry, you can't block off a square on your calendar just yet. With the renewal news only just dropping on May 13, it could be a while before fans find out exactly when the next slate of episodes will drop.

Which cast members will be returning?

No official confirmations yet, but it feels safe to assume the core crew will be back for Season 5 as regulars. That means James Roday Rodriguez (Gary), David Giuntoli (Eddie), Romany Malco (Rome), Christina Moses (Regina), Allison Miller (Maggie), Grace Park (Katherine), Tristan Byon (Theo), Lizzy Greene (Sophie), and Chance Hurstfield (Danny).

Recurring characters fans can probably expect to see are Stephanie Szostak (Delilah), Adam Swain (Tyrell), Erin Karpluk (Anna), Cameron Esposito (Greta), Nikiva Dionne (Shanice), Sam Pancake (Carter), Melora Hardin (Patricia), and Andrea Navedo (Valerie).

Alas, fans can also count on Greta's ex-wife Julie (Jessica Lindsey) to pop up and cause more problems between Greta and Katherine.

Will Delilah return in Season 5?

During Season 4, Delilah basically spent the entire season in France. Her reason was that it was difficult for her to stay in the house after her husband's death. There doesn't seem to be a set storyline for Delilah at the moment, but Nash teased her return for Season 5.

Could this be the final season?

Brace yourselves, fans. According to Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva, Season 4 was almost the last for the show. “I hear ABC asked the AMLT creative team not to write the Season 4 finale as a series finale, which brought on a lot of anxiety as renewal negotiations dragged on, with the Season 4 finale, airing May 18, carrying the slightly ominous title ‘Just in Case,’” Andreeva wrote, noting, “Creator [DJ] Nash has said publicly that he had pitched AMLT with a pre-conceived ending, so a possible cancellation would have denied the drama a proper ending.”

So, considering ABC nearly cut the series this season, it’s certainly possible (and maybe even likely) that Season 5 will be the show’s swan song.

Any spoilers yet?

There aren't any spoilers yet, per se, as they presumably haven't started filming the fifth season — but there are a few teasers! First, a quick recap on where things are leaving off in Season 4. By the finale, Maggie and Gary's relationship gets tested again (is there no reprieve for these two?!), Greta and Katherine struggle to get back on the same page, Rome makes a sacrifice to help a student, and Eddie and Anna's fate hangs in the balance as a shocking revelation comes to light.

So, where does that leave this friend group? For starters, it looks as though Greta and Katherine's growing pains are not over. In an interview with TVInsider, series creator DJ Nash confirmed that Greta's ex Julia becomes a major factor in the new couple moving forward. "You have to decide how much your history is gonna inform your future and in what ways. Are you going to make changes to be different, or does history repeat itself?" he hinted, adding, "It has always been our plan to take [Katherine] on a journey where she finds her soulmate, but that doesn't come without challenges."

Outside of that, there's not a lot to go on… yet. But Nash feels confident fans will enjoy what's to come, saying, "We're really excited about where we set the friends up and the stories we're thinking about for next season."

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