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12 School-Friendly Valentines That Aren’t Candy

Forget the lollies and conversation hearts — these super sweet Valentine’s Day treats won’t send anyone to the dentist.

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We all remember how much we loved getting those Blow Pop Valentine’s Day cards, and we enjoyed sending messages with Conversation Hearts more than actually eating them. But if you’d rather not pump a bunch of kids full of sugar and unleash them on their unwitting teacher, these non-candy options should do the trick.


Heart-Shaped Crayons

Have you seen the Blippi episode where he and Meekah melt broken crayons into a fun shape? Such an easy activity! Include messages like: “You color my world” and “Everything is brighter with you.”


Mini-Cereal Boxes

Choose something pink, red, or with a heart on it. (Cheerios, maybe?) Then, wrap it in construction paper and tag it with a sweet note. “Cereal-sly, you’re the cutest,” or “Have a cereal-ly good day!”

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You’ll need to make sure kids are old enough for popcorn, but it’s such a cheap, easy treat. And, if you don’t go for that “movie theater butter” package, it’s relatively healthy. Distribute individual, unpopped bags or pop it ahead of time and divvy into cellophane bags with a cheeky tag.


Honey Sticks

Wanna go with the “bee’s knees” theme? Honey sticks are so cheap, come in a multitude of flavors, and offer up something perfectly sweet that isn’t still candy. You could also do honey spoons. Though, be prepared for moms to steal ‘em for their morning tea.


Fruit Pouches

Whether you opt for something like the dairy-free smoothie pouches from Serenity Kids or just the more familiar Go-Go Squeeze fruit pouches, a little tag that says, “You’re my main squeeze” make pouches awesome, guilt-free Valentine options.

Trail Mix

Be careful here: Many schools have gone completely nut-free. If you know nuts are safe in your kiddo’s classroom, though, a bag of trail mix and a note about being “nuts about you” is the perfect combo!


Granola Bars

Many granola bars, like the Made Good ones, are made completely nut-free and even come in special Valentine’s Day wrapping. Add a punny tag, and you’re done. Try: “You’re the best. Bar none.” “You’re a natural!” or “I chews you” are also solid options.


Bath Bombs

Some bath bombs come with kids in mind with brighter colors, kid-friendly ingredients, and cool surprises. Two Sisters, for instance, makes squishy-stuffed bombs with various themes. Or make your own!

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Mini Play-Doh

These bright, colorful tubs can pair with multiple lines, including puns around the words “squeeze” and “soft.” Our faves: “You’re so won-doh-ful” and “To an a-doh-able Valentine.”


Stick to your kiddo’s favorite thing, like dinos or unicorns, and grab themed Valentine’s Day stickers. Everyone loves a sticker, right?! Not a sticker fan? Window clings cause less damage.

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School Supplies

There are just so many supply-related puns! “Valentine, you rule!” Or, “You’ve got the write stuff.” Even, “You’re cut out to be mine.”



They’re wildly popular right now! Whether you buy a set of themed squishies and make your own cards or buy these pre-made squishy Valentines to save time, you’re sure to win bin.


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