8 Brand-New Blippi Holiday Episodes Filled With Winter Adventure Are On The Way

It’s the most wonderful time of the year... to be curious!

Holiday break is approaching, and that can only mean one thing: tons and tons of whining about being "bored." You, of course, are still working, trying to get through your holiday shopping, and meal planning for the onslaught of big holiday meals. How do you entertain your littles when you barely have a moment to breathe? Let Blippi help. Our favorite orange-and-blue entertainer is back at it again, this time with eight brand-new holiday and winter-themed episodes for kiddos to enjoy. Bonus: He's bringing his friends along! The holiday episodes will feature appearances from every kid’s favorite robot dog, D.BO, and Blippi's loyal bestie, Meekah. Whether your kiddo is more a fan of the animated Blippi Wonders show (also found on Netflix) or the "live-action" episodes featuring our real-life heroes, Blippi and Meekah, Blippi's official YouTube channel's slate of new features offers up something for everyone.

Worried about screen time? Don't be. Blippi's whole outlook is all about being curious and discovering new things. Without the Blipster, your kid wouldn't know how to pronounce "diplodocus" or name every vehicle at the construction site. This isn't just screen time — it's calming television and educational entertainment.

Coming Soon to Wintry Afternoons

Ready to map out a little quiet time for yourself while the kids are on learning adventures with Blippi? Make note of the following brand-new episodes dropping each week starting November 23 on the Blippi YouTube Kids channel. In the immortal words of Blippi himself, there’s “so much to learn about, it’ll make you want to shout!”

  1. November 23 — Blippi Wonders: Penguins. Blippi and D.BO meet a chinstrap penguin, Pepper, and follow along on Pepper’s quest to finally learn to fly.
  2. November 26 — Holiday Special: Blippi and Meekah's Very Merry Treasure Hunt. Blippi and Meekah bring viewers along on a fun, Christmas-themed treasure hunt, complete with a treasure chest, a stop at The Gingerbread Factory, and many more best-friend adventures.
  3. December 3 — Blippi Walks Like a Penguin. Waddle, waddle, waddle! Remember the last time Blippi met some penguins? He’s exploring a new penguin habitat, making new penguin friends, and sharing what he learns.
  4. December 7 — Blippi Wonders: Snowy Excavator Song. Raise your hand if you know all the words to the “Excavator Song”... now get ready for a snowy new twist! Tune in to this animated music video and learn the words to the wintry remix, “Snowy Excavator Song.”
  5. December 14 — Blippi Wonders: Christmas Scavenger Hunt. If your kiddo loved the Snowflake Scavenger Hunt from Christmas past, they’ll love this new, animated journey featuring Blippi, D.BO, and a snowman named Barry.
  6. December 17 — Blippi and Meekah Learn to Ski. What does your little one know about skiing? Ski instructor Kyler will teach Blippi and Meekah (plus your kiddo) the basics. Then our favorite besties will hit the slopes.
  7. December 21 — Blippi Wonders: Blippi Saves Christmas. More animated fun awaits as Blippi teams up with none other than Santa himself for a magical adventure in SNO.BO.
  8. December 24 — Blippi's Sundae Funday at Candyland Playground. On Christmas Eve, the holiday extravaganza winds down with Blippi returning to his roots by exploring a bold, colorful playland. Blippi will adventure through “CandyLand Indoor Playground,” spending time in and exploring a mini ice cream store and a fire station. Blippi will let his imagination run wild, which is sure to instigate your kids to do the same. Get ready to help hold that fire hose!

Want even more Blippi holiday fun?

As you wait for each new holiday special to release, don’t forget about previous years’ holiday masterpieces. The next time you need a little entertainment help from Blippi, keep it festive by checking out the Happy Holidays Playlist, loaded with all of his previous holiday content. (Including the Snowflake Scavenger Hunt, because your kid is obsessed with that episode, too... right?)