Easy Peasy

12 School-Friendly Valentines That Aren’t Candy

Forget the lollies and conversation hearts — these super sweet Valentine’s Day treats won’t send anyone to the dentist.

Hands of little girl making flower and sun and other  from colorful clay dough, plasticine, Home Edu...

We all remember how much we loved getting those Blow Pop Valentine’s Day cards, and we enjoyed sending messages with Conversation Hearts more than actually eating them. But if you’d rather not pump a bunch of kids full of sugar and unleash them on their unwitting teacher, these non-candy options should do the trick.


Heart-Shaped Crayons

Have you seen the Blippi episode where he and Meekah melt broken crayons into a fun shape? Such an easy activity! Include messages like: “You color my world” and “Everything is brighter with you.”