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16 Thanksgiving Movies You Can Stream This Week

Fix a plate, find a spot on the couch, and let the holiday streaming commence.

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You don’t exactly want to pass around the pigskin when the tryptophan haze from all that turkey kicks in — you need something low-key to do during your holiday weekend downtime. Ranging from family-friendly to decidedly not, these Thanksgiving movies are just the ticket.

Lifetime Television

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving | 1973

You may view this classic with a more critical eye now that you’re an adult, but Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving caper is still fun for the whole fam. Watch it on Apple TV+.

Apple TV+

Addams Family Values | 1993

With Netflix’s new Wednesday series dropping on Netflix, it’s the perfect time to rewatch this spooky movie. The Thanksgiving play scene alone is to die for. Watch it on Netflix.

Paramount Pictures

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles | 1987

You can’t get much more beloved when it comes to Thanksgiving movies than this hilariously disastrous holiday travel adventure starring Steve Martin and John Candy. Watch it on Paramount+.

Paramount Pictures

Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow | 2015

This made-for-Lifetime movie features fuzzy puppets, Mary Steenburgen as an eccentric aunt, siblings out to save a small town, and Ludacris narrating. What more could you want? Watch it on Prime Video.

Lifetime Television

Free Birds | 2013

In this animated movie, a turkey that has been pardoned by the president gets looped into a time-travel mission that takes him back to 1621. The goal? Prevent turkeys from ever becoming holiday dinner fare. Watch it on Netflix.

Relativity Media

Friendsgiving | 2020

Is this family-friendly? No. Does it capture the chaos of this holiday? Yup. Malin Akerman, Kat Dennings, Aisha Tyler, Jane Seymour, and more shine in this story of Friendsgiving gone awry. Watch it on Netflix.

Saban Films/Netflix

Soul Food | 1997

This movie makes the list for a Thanksgiving scene, but it’s really a love letter about how food brings families — in this case, the Josephs — back together. Watch it on HBO Max.

20th Century Fox

You’ve Got Mail | 1998

You may think of this as more of a Christmas movie, but the drama between bookshop owner Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) and mega-bookstore-magnate Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) starts around Thanksgiving. Watch it on HBO Max.

Warner Bros.

The Myth of Fingerprints | 1997

If you never let a Christmas go by without watching The Family Stone, you’re going to love this movie about a similarly waspy family reconvening at home in Maine for Thanksgiving. Watch it on Tubi.

Sony Pictures Classics

Son-in-Law | 1993

Sorry, not sorry — this film starring Pauly Shore and Carla Gugino will never get old. Cue it up while you “munch on some grindage.” Watch it on Hulu.

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Prisoners | 2013

If the grownups want something a bit more dramatic while the kids are distracted, this is it. Hugh Jackman stars as a dad willing to do anything to bring his daughter, who was kidnapped on Thanksgiving, back home. Watch it on Prime Video.

Warner Bros.

Grumpy Old Men | 1993

You can’t go wrong with this tried-and-true tale of curmudgeonly neighbors John (Jack Lemmon) and Max (Walter Matthau). We all have relatives like these two! Watch it on Paramount+.

Warner Bros.

Pieces of April | 2003

When quirky April Burns (Katie Holmes) discovers her mom has breast cancer, she decides to host Thanksgiving at her low-rent New York City apartment. And given this is a first for her, it is... a journey. Watch it on HBO Max.

United Artists

Pilgrim | 2019

Listen, sometimes what you need after so much family time is to watch a film that focuses on a different kind of carving — like what happens when a woman invites murderous Pilgrim reenactors to her family’s Thanksgiving. Watch it on Hulu.


Fantastic Mr. Fox | 2009

While this Roald Dahl adaptation isn’t overtly about Thanksgiving, it feels like it is — complete with a toast about being grateful. Bonus: George Clooney and Meryl Streep voice Mr. and Mrs. Fox. Watch it on Disney+.

Twentieth Century Fox

The Humans | 2021

Three generations of the Blake family gather in Pennsylvania to celebrate Thanksgiving, and the drama feels almost too real. Stellar stars — Beanie Feldstein, Steven Yeun, Richard Jenkins, Amy Schumer — make it a must-watch. Watch it on Paramount+.


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