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The Official Teaser Trailer For Tim Burton’s Wednesday Just Dropped, & It’ll Delight Your Dark Heart

Jenny Ortega is already living up to the hype.

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Wednesday Addams is no longer the ultimate goth kid in Netflix’s new series Wednesday. Instead, she’s now a goth teen trying to find her place in the world — and solve a decades-old murder mystery. You know, normal teen stuff. On Aug. 16, Vanity Fair unveiled a collection of first-look photos from the highly anticipated series that show off not only Wednesday but also the rest of the Addams family.

One of the driving stories in season one of Wednesday will be the titular character’s need to establish her own identity beyond being the daughter of the fabulous Morticia. That would be a lot easier to accomplish if she wasn’t attending the same boarding school where her mother and father met. Ultimately, even though the show will be full of fantastical creatures and spooky settings, the heart of the story — a mother and daughter navigating those tricky teen years — will be a relatable one.

“The relationship that kind of hangs over the season is really Wednesday’s relationship with Morticia,” series co-creator Alfred Gough explained to Vanity Fair. “How do you step out of the shadow of a mother as glamorous as Morticia?”

The differences between Morticia (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) are highlighted in the new photos, one of which Netflix shared on social media in black and white. In it, a family portrait, Morticia smiles slyly and oozes confidence while Wednesday frowns and holds her hands clasped in front of her. In fact, it’s clear the eldest Addams child is different from the rest of her family, despite their shared love for the macabre.

Gough explained to the publication that, like most kids, Wednesday is mortified by her parents’ penchant for PDA. “Wednesday’s not scared of sharks or creepy crawlies or anything, but she’s afraid of emotion,” he said. “Their overt displays of affection drive Wednesday crazy.”

Read on for more details about Netflix’s upcoming series Wednesday... including when it might premiere.

Is Wednesday a sequel to The Addams Family movies?

Even though Wednesday Addams is no longer a young girl in the show, the series isn’t a sequel to the ‘90s The Addams Family movies. Instead, it’s a reinvention of the characters created by Charles Addams in a series of comic strips that debuted in The New Yorker in 1938. The new show was conceived by Smallville creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, and will be directed by the iconic Tim Burton.

What is Wednesday about?

While the entire Addams family is expected to feature in the series — including the disembodied hand, Thing — the show will largely be about Wednesday’s time at Nevermore Academy. The supernatural boarding school is home to werewolves, vampires, sirens, and all manner of creepy kids. Still, Wednesday will have trouble fitting in at the school where her parents once matriculated.

The minute she arrives at Nevermore, Wednesday is ready to plot her escape. However, it doesn’t take long for her to become caught up in a 25-year-old murder mystery connected to her parents. What she uncovers may ultimately reveal a dark family secret even Wednesday could never have imagined.

Who plays the Addams family in Wednesday?

In addition to Ortega and Zeta-Jones, the cast of Wednesday includes Luis Guzmán as Gomez Addams and Isaac Ordonez as her little brother Pugsley, whom Wednesday has a bit of a love-hate relationship with. “She’s allowed to torture him. Nobody else is,” Millar revealed. “That’s the difference. She will defend him to the end against bullies or anything else, but she has license to do what she wants. She’s very protective of him in a very Wednesday way.”

The rest of the cast is rounded out by Gwendoline Christie as the school’s principal (and Morticia’s frenemy) Larissa Weems, Riki Lindhome as Wednesday’s therapist, Jamie McShane as a local sheriff, Emma Myers as Wednesday’s werewolf roommate Enid, Hunter Doohan as the sheriff’s son Tyler, and Joy Sunday as the popular Bianca.

Meanwhile, Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the movies from the ‘90s, is also part of the cast, but her character’s identity remains a mystery for now. Finally, there’s no word on who will play Uncle Fester in the series, but it sounds like he’s going to be part of Season 1 in some capacity. “We have no comment on Uncle Fester,” Gough told Vanity Fair. “Watch the show.”

When will Wednesday premiere?

Netflix has yet to announce Wednesday’s exact premiere date. Instead, the streamer simply maintains the show is coming soon. But since production was completed in February and the teasers have been ramping up, it seems likely the show will be among Netflix’s October releases.

Is there a Wednesday trailer?

On Aug. 17, the first official teaser trailer dropped, and it’s delightfully dark. In it, we get a solid glimpse into what Ortega will be like playing the titular Addams family daughter. It’s all very Tim Burton, which is very, very exciting — especially rolling into the spooky season.

The streamer also dropped a much more abbreviated teaser on June 6. In it, Ortega’s Wednesday is revealed in all her goth glory, while Thing hops onto her shoulder to serve up the famed snap, snap from the 1960s TV show’s theme song.

Stay tuned for more updates; it probably won’t be long before Netflix invites viewers to visit Nevermore.

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