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20 Christmas Horror Movies To Watch When You’re Ready For The Forced Joy To End

Silent night? Psh. A screamfest is in order.

A scene from 'Violent Night.'
Universal Studios

When you think of Christmas movies, you probably think of sentimental classics like Miracle on 34th Street or joyful comedies like Elf. But there’s another genre that deserves yuletide attention: Christmas horror movies. If you need a little holiday catharsis, the following ho-ho-horrifying films are your gift this year.

Well Go USA Entertainment

Christmas Bloody Christmas | 2022

This newcomer is pretty much what the title promises: a gory yuletide adventure. There's a record store, a psychotic RoboSanta, and a low-budget '80s vibe. What more could you ask for?

RLJE Films/Shudder