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Barbie-fy Your Home With These Bath & Body Works Barbie Products

Hi Barbie! Wanna go shopping at B&BW?

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Ready to turn your home into a Barbie pink dreamland? Thanks to B&BW, you can with raspberry candles, floral scented lotions and gels, and rhinestone studded soap holders. Plus, a hot pink bag for all your beauty essentials. Go see ahead!

Bath & Body Works

In Barbie’s Bag: Strawberry Lip Scrub

Leave your lips soft and supple with B&BW’s strawberry-flavored exfoliating lip scrub. For a Barbie-like smile, apply your favorite lip gloss afterward.

Bath & Body Works

In Barbie’s Bag: Gingham Gorgeous Hand Cream

You’ll have the softest hands in all of Barbieland, thanks to B&BW’s Gingham Gorgeous hand cream. It smells like pink strawberries, peach nectar, and peonies (and is Deputy Editor Julie Sprankles’ current fave!).

Bath & Body Works

In Barbie’s Bag: Bright Pink Travel Toiletry Bag

What else is in Barbie’s bag? A hot pink small beauty case, of course! Keep all your makeup and skincare essentials safe and sound in this adorable pink bag.

Bath & Body Works

In Barbie’s Dreamhouse: Raspberry Mimosa 3-Wick Candle

B&BW’s Raspberry Mimosa 3-Wick Candle smells like a sweet, summer brunch in a jar. You’ll get whiffs of raspberries (duh), rosé sorbet, and champagne.

Bath & Body Works

In Barbie’s Dreamhouse: Pink Wallflowers Scent Control

If you’re looking to pinkify or Barbie-fy your home setup, add a touch of pink with this scent control wallflower — browse B&BW’s online store to shop floral and fruity-scented plug-ins.

Bath & Body Works

In Barbie’s Dreamhouse: Glitz & Glamour Foaming Hand Soap Holder

Disguise any boring, dull hand soap container in this Barbie disco ball of a soap holder. It’s covered in rhinestones and pink sparkles, and sure to add a little pizzazz to your sink.

Bath & Body Works

In Barbie’s Bath: Confetti Cupcake Bath Fizzy

Transform your bathroom into a confetti sprinkles and cake batter-scented wonderland with B&BW’s Confetti Cupcake Bath Fizzy. Best paired with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and sprinkles!

Bath & Body Works

In Barbie’s Bath: Among The Clouds Moisturizing Body Wash

This 2-in-1 B&BW shower product not only cleanses your skin but also leaves your body feeling hydrated AF. It smells like wild berry skies and whipped vanilla clouds, and helps your skin lock in moisture.

Bath & Body Works

In Barbie’s Bath: Champagne Toast Bubble Bath

Do as Barbie would do and pregame brunch with the girlies with a Champagne Toast Bubble Bath. You’ll get whiffs of bubbly champagne, berries, and tangerine.

Bath & Body Works

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