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13 Cool, Vibey Baby Names Inspired By Outer Banks

Perfect for your little future Pogue (or Kook? ~shrug~).

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Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Even with all the drama, Netflix’s Outer Banks makes living in the OBX look like a dream — the laidback North Carolina lifestyle mixes flawlessly with the treasure-hunting adventures of the show’s teens. If you want to ensure your kid has a moniker worthy of the Pogues, check out this list of Outer Banks-inspired baby names.


John B or Booker

Adding “B” to the end of John instantly updates the classic name for the modern era. If you want to get even more creative, go with Booker, John B’s middle name. Booker means “scribe,” and while the leader of the Pogues is more into surfing than books, he is a natural leader who is wise beyond his years.

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix


Headstrong and firm in her beliefs, Kiara is the perfect character to name your daughter after. If you need even more incentive, it means “light” or “first ray of sun.”

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix


Pope is the wisest and most grounded member of the Pogues. He’s a smart kid who is going places... if he can ever get back to school and stop chasing down lost treasure with his friends. The name Pope, which means “father,” is a bold moniker for a little boy, and it’s one that’s sure to set your little one up for a future full of possibilities.

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix


JJ tries to hide it, but he has a big heart and his loyalty knows no bounds. His name is gender-neutral and beautifully simplistic, making it the perfect fit for a chill newborn.

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix


She may be the newest member of the Pogues, but Cleo’s ferocity has made her an instant standout. Her name has royal roots, instantly bringing to mind the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. On its own, the name Cleo means “to praise” or “glory.”

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Sarah or Cameron

Sarah doesn’t have the most exciting of names, but it fits her gentle spirit. Ultimately, Sarah is a classic for a reason. In addition to having Biblical roots, it means “princess.” Want to honor Sarah while also giving your little girl a trendier name? Go with her last name, Cameron, instead.

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix


The teens on Outer Banks don’t spend much time in school, but during their brief visits to the classroom, Mr. Sunn proves himself to be a dream teacher. Precious few adults on this show are worthy of having a baby named after them, but the Pogues’ history teacher deserves all the love.

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix


Sarah’s little sister has the most adorably southern name ever. Technically, her name is Louisa (a gorgeous name choice), but there’s something homespun and spunky about Wheezie that makes it a standout choice for a baby girl.

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix


Pope’s last name, it’s also the name of the restaurant/variety store belonging to Pope’s dad. An English occupational name, it means “guardian of the hedged enclosure.” Interesting!


The fictional town where Outer Banks takes place is full of stunning views and mysteries. As a name, Kildare is a unique moniker for a boy that means “church of the oak.”

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix


Pogue can and should be a name. Come on, the Pogues are a loyal band of friends who always have each other’s backs — who wouldn’t want a kid just like one of them? The Pogues are also an amazing band, so this is one baby name that could have two pop culture meanings.

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

OBX or Obie

Hear us out, place names are all the rage right now — um, Paris Hilton naming her son Phoenix was instantly iconic — and OBX is both cool and original. If you’re from the real Outer Banks (or just love the show!) then give your baby this place name that’s sure to stand out.

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix


Since we’re on place names, let’s keep it rolling. The fictional setting of the series is North Carolina, and it’s actually filmed in South Carolina. If you want to get even more specific, the show is filmed in Charleston (SC), which also makes a fantastic name.


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