Here's To The OBX Babies

13 Cool, Vibey Baby Names Inspired By Outer Banks

Perfect for your little future Pogue (or Kook? ~shrug~).

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'Outer Banks'
Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Even with all the drama, Netflix’s Outer Banks makes living in the OBX look like a dream — the laidback North Carolina lifestyle mixes flawlessly with the treasure-hunting adventures of the show’s teens. If you want to ensure your kid has a moniker worthy of the Pogues, check out this list of Outer Banks-inspired baby names.


John B or Booker

Adding “B” to the end of John instantly updates the classic name for the modern era. If you want to get even more creative, go with Booker, John B’s middle name. Booker means “scribe,” and while the leader of the Pogues is more into surfing than books, he is a natural leader who is wise beyond his years.

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix