Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 17

by Scary Mommy
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Encourage Your Toddler to Stretch Limits Within Safe Boundaries


This month, your toddler will begin to challenge his physical limits by doing things like carrying an armful of toys while walking, or climbing up the slide.

Your child might do things like use a dining room chair to climb on top of the table. Get into the habit of moving potential dangers out of the way, clearing table tops of breakables, and turning pot handles to the inside of the stove.

Encourage your toddler to stretch his limits within safe boundaries. Teach him to hop, stretch down, and kick. Provide lots of free play time in a safe environment where he can push his abilities. If you have access to stairs, show him how to use them safely and allow him to practice going up and down.

This is a great age for wagons! Show your child how to load items into a wagon and push or pull it to a chosen destination. Another fun but potentially messy activity that you can introduce around this time is finger painting – if you’re brave.

Scary Mommy Tip: Take your toddler outside to play as often as weather permits. The sunshine and fresh air will do wonders for both of you – and wearing him out will result in quality sleep later on!


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