Dec. 1, 2022

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news from Texas
BySarah Aswell

A Texas Teacher Was Ousted After A Student Recorded Him Admitting He’s Racist

The video circulated on social medial before it caught the attention of Pflugerville Independent School District.

Boy Meets Reality
ByMaggie Clancy

Trina McGee Reveals Why Angela Wasn't In The 'Boy Meets World' Finale

The actress, who played Angela Moore for three seasons, was told that the other cast members didn't want her there and to "turn down" her "Black meter."

For The Big Girls
ByKatie Garrity

Lizzo Won Her First Emmy and Her Speech About Size Representation Was So Emotional

The singer took home the award for her reality show 'Watch Out For The Big Grrrls.'

Black girl magic
ByKrystal Martinez

Parents Are Sharing Reactions Of Their Kids Learning The New Little Mermaid Is Black, And It Will Make Your Day

The videos perfectly illustrate why representation is so important.

Book Excerpt
ByHelena Andrews-Dyer

What I Said When I Had The Other Talk With My Black Daughter

I knew it was coming.

Sexist As Hell
ByMaggie Clancy

A Minnesota State Senate Candidate Delivered Her Convention Speech While In Labor

Erin Maye Quade ultimately dropped out of the race because her opponent declined to suspend the convention.

Quick comebacks
BySarah Aswell

Ketanji Brown Jackson's Daughter Had The Best Reply To President Biden’s Quip

Supreme Court Justice Brown’s 21 year old daughter Talia is as quick-witted as her mom.

ByMaggie Clancy

Serena Williams Published Her Daughter’s Birth Story And It’s Required Reading

Her story highlights how Black women’s lives are at stake when they are dismissed or ignored by medical professionals.

Being Different Is 'Supercool'
ByMaggie Clancy

Colin Kaepernick's First Children's Book Celebrates Black Identity

The book, titled ‘I Color Myself Different’ is based off a real-life experience where Kaepernick had to draw a portrait of his family as a child.

Grand slam
BySarah Aswell

Blue Ivy Performed At The Oscars Next To Her Mom Beyoncé

Bey’s daughter is somehow ten already!?

Proud Moment
ByMaggie Clancy

Photographer Behind Viral Photo Of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Beaming Daughter Reveals What It Means To Her

In an essay for TODAY, the photographer said she wanted to ‘provide representation and take photos that show the historic moment from my perspective as a Black woman.’

ByMarie Holmes

Craig Melvin On Teaching Black History To His Biracial Children

ByVirginia Duan

These Black Mom Cannabis Entrepreneurs Are Helping Break Stigma

ByRachel Garlinghouse

My Teen Wrote A Book To Help Fellow Black Girls Discover Their Sparkle

ByNikkya Hargrove

Being Everything To Everyone: One Black, Queer Woman's Quest To Show Up (Everywhere)

ByMystique Hargrove

From A Black, Queer Birthworker: How To Make Black Lactation Spaces Inclusive