'Put To Good Use'
ByLeigh Blickley

Christina Ricci Sold Her Designer Bags And Jewelry To Fund Divorce Proceedings

The "Yellowjackets" star said goodbye to her extensive Chanel collection to pay for multiple court situations.

single parents
ByKatie Garrity

A Veteran Mom Comforts A Newly Single Mom In Inspiring, Funny Video

The 72-year-old woman recalls her early moments as a single mom and how she survived.

hollywood power couple
ByLeigh Blickley

Eva Mendes Hints At Marriage To Ryan Gosling With New Tattoo

The actor and businesswoman shared a picture of her "de Gosling" tattoo on social media.

In Love With Love
ByMaggie Clancy

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are That Couple In Cuddly New Video

Bennifer 2.0 is going strong.

Baby No. 2!
ByLeigh Blickley

'The Hills' Stars Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Welcome Second Child

And their baby boy has a unique name.

Glowing & Proud
ByLeigh Blickley

Pregnant Blake Lively Honors Ryan Reynolds With Touching Speech

Lively spoke about her husband's love of family as he received the 36th American Cinematheque Award.

We Can't Look Away
ByKrystal Martinez

The Best Reality TV Dating Shows To Binge-Watch Immediately

The perfect binges for cuffing season are here.

Wash your glass
BySarah Aswell

Pink Shared Her Biggest Dish Washing Pet Peeve — And Her Husband Clapped Back With His

Who is the worst dirty dish offender here?

They're So Golden
ByLeigh Blickley

Olivia Wilde Brings Her Kids To Harry Styles' LA Concert

The actor and director was seen sitting and dancing with Daisy and Otis in videos shared by fans.

in our thoughts
BySarah Aswell

Bob Saget's Daughter Aubrey Celebrated Her Late Dad At Her Wedding With A Special Party Favor

The comedian's daughter tied the knot in Tulum with many loved ones who are still mourning her father.

Hey, It Happens
ByBrianne Hogan

TMI, But Why Is My Vagina Swollen? A Guide To This Down-There Discomfort

Dr. Meg Galaske explains four common culprits.

stepdad win
BySarah Aswell

Zooey Deschanel Says Boyfriend Jonathan Scott Is An 'Amazing Stepdad'

"I'm a magician, or I'm a clown, I could build stuff," Scott said of his stepdad bag of tricks.

ByLeigh Blickley

Jeff Bridges Worked With A Trainer So He Could Walk His Daughter Down The Aisle

Following a battle with cancer and COVID-19, the actor built up the stamina to take part in his daughter's wedding.

Hack News
ByKatie Garrity

Fox News Host Pleads For Women To "Get Married" So They Will Vote Republican

Jesse Watters explained that 68% of unmarried women voted for Democrats this midterm, compared to 42% of married women.

Stand By Your Man
ByKatie Garrity

Jennifer Lopez is Clapping Back At The Criticism She’s Getting For Changing Her Last Name

She says taking “Mrs. Affleck” was a traditional and romantic jesture.

Bye-Bye, Blame-Shifting
ByJessica Kasparian

How To Respond To Gaslighting Without Excusing Away Your Partner’s Manipulative Behavior

Repeat after us: It’s not your fault.