April 1, 2023
Well, This Is Fascinating
ByAlexandra Frost

How Watching Fair Play With My Husband Shook Up Our Whole Marriage — For The Better

The “invisible load” I’ve been carrying is a bit lighter now.

BySamm Davidson

I Don’t Need More Than A Few Close Friends

For me a small few who understand me on a deep level replenishes me.

hard roads
ByChristina Crawford

Infertility Took A Brutal Toll On Me, But Here's What I've Learned

I have a reverence for how it shaped me as a person and, eventually, as a mother.

Pass The Maple Syrup, Please
ByDeirdre Kaye

Cup Noodles Just Dropped A Breakfast Ramen With All The Flavors Of A Classic Morning Meal

Straight off Buddy the Elf's menu.

BySarah Aswell

Justine Bateman Speaks Out On Aging Naturally: "I Just Don't Give A S—t"

"I think I look rad," the actor continued.

ByEmily Feret

I Decided To Feel Good About My Body So My Kids Will Love Theirs

I know how I speak out my body in front of my children will become their inner voice.

The 411 On Safety
ByArielle Tschinkel

Do You Really Need To Apply Sunscreen Before A Manicure?

New research is, ahem, shining a light on the potential dangers lurking at your nail salon.

Waste Not, Want Not
ByDeirdre Kaye

We're Using Leftover Jam To Make Cocktails Now. You're Welcome.

TikTok strikes again! This time with a genius home happy hour idea.

Not Ready, TBH
ByKelly Schremph

The Trailer for Firefly Lane Season 2’s Final Episodes Is Here, & We’re Crying

It’s almost time to say goodbye to Tully and Kate (*sob*).

#erastouroutfits Vibe
BySamm Davidson

What’s An Almost-40 Woman Supposed To Wear To A Taylor Swift Concert?

Outfits for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour are all over my FYP — and I’m feeling the pressure.

It's Happening
ByBrianne Hogan

75 Prom Captions To Commemorate Your Teen’s Milestone Night

They grow up so fast 🥺

Be Gone, Bags
ByMorgan Flaherty

I’ve Tried Dozens Of Under-Eye Concealers For My Dark Circles, & These 8 Really Work

My ultra-dark undereye circles are something that no amount of creams or sleep will cure (thanks, genetics), but these formulas help.

wife mode
ByKatie Garrity

This Wife Cleaned & Baked For Her Husband's Guys' Night & The Internet Promptly Shamed Her

TikTok shamed her for perpetuating stale gender roles.

flying solo
BySarah Aswell

Diane Keaton Says It's "Highly Unlikely" She'll Go On Any Future Dates, Ever

The actor says she's too weird to date and perfectly happy with her dog.

ByAllison Kenien

TikTok Is Beating Inflation With Dollar Tree Dinners, But Is It Worth The Hype?

I took this budget-friendly trend for a test drive with my family.

ByKatie Garrity

Your Reusable Water Bottle May Carry More Bacteria Than A Toilet Seat, Study Finds

And not just a little more... a lot more.