May 17, 2022
Health Watch
ByEmily Weaver

Perimenopause? Thyroid Issues? Your Problem Might Actually Be Low Estrogen

Symptoms of low estrogen vary, but many are mistaken for something else.

Take Anything But My Phone
ByJessica G Hartshorn

We're All Obsessed With Kids' Screen Time — But What About Ours?

A pediatrician mom helps us stop scrolling so our kids can, too.

Tough, But Important
ByDeirdre Kaye

How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce?

It varies, but attorneys say these factors can make or break the timeline.

ByDaisy Melamed Sanders

Comfy Robes You’ll Wear From Morning Meeting Till Bedtime— On Repeat

"... And I got a robe!"

ByKaren Fratti

30+ High-Spirited Horse Movies To Trot Out On Movie Night

It’s going to be a very fun evening.

Watch List
ByKelly Schremph

Why Women Kill Season 3 Is Coming! What We Know So Far

There’s a reason information is hard to come by.

Tune In
ByKaren Fratti

Pick These, Choose These 20+ Dramatic Medical Shows Like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Watch these shows, stat!

Hot (& Steamy) Shows
ByHedy Phillips

Even Lady Whistledown Would Love These 25+ Sultry Shows Like Bridgerton

Be forewarned, dear readers: You’re about to be filled with burning desire.

watch list
ByHedy Phillips

12 New True Crime Documentaries To Watch In 2022

Grab your popcorn.

real films
ByBrianne Hogan

25 Honest Movies About Depression That Accurately Capture Living With It

If you're dealing with symptoms from depression, watching movies about depression could help you feel more connected and give you insight.

Getting Steamy
ByHedy Phillips

Dearest Readers, Here's The Hot Goss On 'Bridgerton' Season 3

Lady Whistledown is going to be busy.

ByHedy Phillips

'80s & '90s Kids, These Rebooted Shows & Cartoons Are For You

Need a break from 'Encanto'? If you're a Gen X'er or Gen Y'er, you'll want to watch these rebooted TV shows and cartoons with your kids.

Watch List
ByJulie Sprankles

And Just Like That Season 2 Is A Go! Say Hello To The Sexy Details

Pour yourself another Cosmo; it’s time to celebrate.

Tune in
ByKelly Schremph

Back To The Field! Everything To Know (So Far) About 'Ted Lasso' Season 3

There’s so much to look forward to

The Latest Gossip
ByJulie Sprankles

Margaritas For Everyone! ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 3 Is A Go, Says Netflix

The third season has officially been confirmed.

Feel-good flicks
ByKelly Schremph

Down, Set, Hut! Score Big On Movie Night With These Football Movies For Kids

Hut hut!