Band of Mothers

From potty training toddlers to independent big kids, we always worry about our children's hygiene. But, what do you do when your kid won't wipe their butt? You can wipe their butts for them, but you can’t do it forever. Come with us to the hilarious Butt Wiping Support Group, where moms vent about this dirty little secret.

ByAlison Bucalo

Blessed Be The Fruit Snacks. The 'Manmaid’s Tale' Trailer is Here

There’s so many parallels with the Handmaid’s Tale and the world today. But it makes you think, what would life be like if everything was run by women? Would things be different? Obviously!

ByTeam Scary Mommy

If Moms Did Rage Yoga

For some people, yoga is the key to inner peace and happiness. They find clarity in staying still and quiet, holding poses and releasing all of their tension with each movement. But if you’re a mom, you may need something a little more extreme. Welcome to rage yoga, where everyone is welcome.

ByAlison Bucalo

Because Going To The Pediatrician Can Be Nerve-Racking

When it comes to a baby, new moms have new worries. From breastfeeding to developmental milestones, your mind can really start to race, especially when you go to the pediatrician.  Like, why do we have to wait so long in the exam room? Our series Band of Mother's explores these and other "mom thoughts" we all have when going to the doctor.

ByNicole Howell

Mother’s Day Fantasy Club

It’s OUR Mother’s Day fantasy, and mamas get what mamas like. An exclusive club where the dress code is comfy casual: leggings only and no bra needed. A place where we have access to all-we-can-drink coffee, and can curl up and take a nap anywhere we want to. And who needs strippers when you can watch men doing chores? Phew, is it getting hot in here or is it just all that coffee I was chugging?

I’m Proud Of My C-Section Scar, But Enough With Low-Rise Jeans That Show It Off

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