April 25, 2024


Take Note
ByDeirdre Kaye

Need-To-Know Info: Can You Get Pregnant During Perimenopause?

Don’t toss out the contraceptives just yet.

ByKatie Garrity

The Internet Has A Strong Reaction To Mom Podcasters Who Don't Want To Hear Your Birth Story

“They honestly think, ‘I’m the first person in the history of the world to have a baby.’”

thief of joy
ByKatie Garrity

New Study Finds "Momfluencers" Who Glamorize Motherhood Are Making New Moms Insecure

They found that moms tended to compare themselves in a negative light.

makes sense!
ByKatie Garrity

This Mom Wants To Normalize The Difference In Relationship Between A New Mom's Parents And Her In-Laws

"It doesn't need to be a war between mother-in-law and your mom."

no mo fomo
ByKatie Garrity

This Mom Explained Why She Thinks Having Your First Baby In Your 30s Is The Best

"I have zero FOMO."

ByKatie Garrity

Woman Suggests Separate Waiting Rooms In OB/GYN Offices For Those Experiencing Loss

"Sitting in that waiting room next to tons of pregnant women while you wait ... sucks!"

snippy mcquire
ByKatie Garrity

Hilary Duff's Husband Matthew Koma Documented His Vasectomy On Instagram & It Was Hilarious

He also binge-watched ‘Love Is Blind’ and DM’d the whole cast while high.

red carpet treatment
ByKatie Garrity

An American Mom Gave Birth At A Japan Birth Clinic & Every Pregnant Person Deserves This Experience

“In America, they just give you a bill and some trauma.”

every body is beautiful
ByKatie Garrity

Serena Williams Encourages "Loving Yourself" After Posting Stunning Postpartum Body Pic

The tennis superstar stunned in a white bikini while holding her five-month-old daughter.

just stop
ByKatie Garrity

Kaley Cuoco Speaks For All Mothers Who Hate Being Called "Mama" By Other Adults

"I get this visceral, angry reaction."