Elementary Years

Use What You Got
ByLaura Fenton

Your Kid Probably Doesn't Need A New Backpack

Assess what you’ve already got for back-to-school supplies. Yes, you can reuse supplies.

Uvalde Update
ByMaggie Clancy

10-Year-Old Mayah Zamora Is The Last Uvalde Victim Discharged From Hospital

Sixty-six days after the deadly shooting, the last victim hospitalized in the Robb Elementary massacre is going home.

summer chaos
BySamm D.

Every Year, The Transition Between School And Summer Screws Me Up

Sure, I adjust eventually — but then it’s already time to worry about back-to-school.

Who knew?
BySarah Aswell

PSA: Sunglasses Are Just As Important As Sunscreen For Your Kids

A new study found that less than a third of parents know that sun damage affects the eye health of their kids.

Morning Routines
ByThao Thai

Moms Say 'I Love You' With A Million Small Gestures, Too

Sometimes love looks like an egg sandwich and folded laundry.

Nope, not doing it
ByKatie Bingham-Smith

I Gave The Summer Work Packets The Middle Finger

I want my kids to have an actual break and, honestly, I want a break too.

ByHampton Williams Hofer

God, Give Me The Patience To Survive The Early Reader Stage

Reading is so magical and sometimes, so excruciating to sit through.

Ah summer
ByThao Thai

The Most Pure Mom Bliss Happens At The Community Pool

After all, there's nothing quite like summer.

BySamm D.

My Oldest And Youngest Are Soulmates

The age gap allows for the perfect mix of responsibility, love, and friendship.

1000 hours outside
ByLaura Fenton

This Online Movement Changed How I Think About The Outdoors

The purpose is to shift your mindset to make outdoor time a real priority for your family.

BySamm D.

It’s So Tricky When You’re Friends — But Your Kids Aren’t

I’ve seen friendships sour over disagreement between the kids, and I don’t want that to happen.

Limit the gear
ByYolanda Wikiel

How to Travel with Kids and Not Overpack

Traveling with children is a logistical nightmare. This advice will make it less so.

Summer Struggle
ByJewel Nunez

It’s Only June And I’m Already Over Summer

How am I going to entertain my kids, keep them off their devices and not go broke?

ByAlexandra Frost

Hey Millennial Parents, It’s Time To Bring Back 90s Summers

I’m taking lessons from those long, lazy, pre-Internet days.

ByThao Thai

It’s So Hard To Watch Your Kid Cry Over A Frenemy

Some lessons they have to learn themselves — but you can help, too.

Not Ready
BySamm D.

I Don’t Want To Share My Boys With Anybody

I want to keep my people under my wing, free from outside noise or influence.