Elementary Years

words matters
ByKatie Garrity

A Mom Shares 7 Phrases Adult Children Need To Hear From Their Parents

It's very healing for a person's inner child.

Getting Real
ByMeg St-Esprit

My Honest Email Signature About Being A Working Mom Went Viral

As a working mom with four kids in a country with a broken childcare system, it clearly struck a nerve.

parenting types
BySarah Aswell

"Lighthouse Parents" Are Getting Blowback For Letting Their Kids Swim In The Ocean Alone

The parents, who appeared on the show 'Parental Guidance,' let their kids swim alone while they watch from afar.

That’s me. Coach.
ByCarolyn Abram

I'm So D*mn Thankful I Get To Coach My Son's Team

I wanted to be more than “Connor's mom” — and I found it, as “coach.”

go the f**k to sleep
ByKatie Garrity

A Child Sleep Specialist Has A Brilliant Explanation For Why Toddlers Fight Bedtime So Hard

And two simple things parents can do to get their kids the f**k to sleep.

sticker shock
BySamm Davidson

I Started The Tooth Fairy At $20 & Boy Did I Mess Up

A very, very expensive venture because I now have four kids.

not my baby!
ByKatie Garrity

A School Counselor Reveals Why Your 3rd Grader Might Change Overnight

It all has to do with science.

it takes a village
ByKatie Garrity

A Single Mom Asked Strangers To Cheer For Her Graduating Daughter

The crowd went wild for the young girl’s accomplishment.

who is to blame?
ByKatie Garrity

A Woman Sent Her Brother An Itemized List Of The Things Her Nephew Has Destroyed

Her brother wanted to know why his 10-year-old boy was not invited back but his daughter was.

so true
ByKatie Garrity

KC Davis Brilliantly Explains Why We Need More Child-Accessible “Third Spaces”

It’s not just for the kids, it’s for everybody, including parents and child-free adults.

BySamm Davidson

Actually, I Love Adolescent Boy Humor

Bring on the terrible potty jokes and fart noises.

paint it black
BySarah Aswell

Watch A Mom Turn A Pink Nursery Into A Wednesday-Themed Big Kid Room

It all happens so fast: your sweet baby girl is suddenly a big kid who wants to be goth.

It's scary
ByMeg St-Esprit

The Day My Kid Can’t Forget, & Neither Can I

I looked up, and in a heart-stopping instant she was gone.

moving in
BySarah Aswell

Barbie's Dreamhouse Just Got A New Makeover For 2023

The waterslide is now three stories high, among other changes.

BySamm Davidson

Elementary School Graduation Is A Milestone I Might Not Survive

We’re so far beyond simple bake sales these days.

School's Out
BySarah Bourassa

What NOT To Get Teachers For End-Of-Year Gifts (& What To Get Them Instead)

We asked our readers for the best (and worst) gift ideas to show our teachers much-deserved appreciation.