July 13, 2024

Baby Names

A little girl strolls through the airport with her parents.
Let's Go!
BySabienna Bowman

90 Wanderlust Baby Names For Your Tiny Traveler

These names are perfect for future jetsetters.

Cottagecore names evoke a bucolic, pastoral feel for children.
Aesthetically Inspired

70 Bucolic Cottagecore Names With Lovely Vintage Appeal

Pour a cup of dandelion tea and prepare for pastoral charm.

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge in 'Virgin River.'
As Seen On TV

13+ Baby Names Inspired By Virgin River To Swoon Over

Jack and Mel (er, and Charmaine) aren’t the only ones who need name inspo.

Aesthetic girl names convey a sense of creativity, beauty, and artistry.
Oh, So Lovely!

45 Aesthetic Girl Names That Sound Artsy, Interesting, & Oh-So-Pretty

Dibs on Bijou!

Aesthetic boy names make great picks if you want your son to be called something artistic and creati...
Jot 'Em Down

40+ Cool & Cultured Aesthetic Baby Boy Names

You’ll fall hard for these artful options.

Last Names

50 Cuban Last Names As Vibrant & Diverse As This Island Country

90+ Southern Last Names As Charming As The Region Itself

70+ Canadian Last Names That Pay Tribute To The Land Of Maple

105+ Czech Last Names & Their Interesting Meanings

75+ Romanian Last Names & Their Historic Origins

70+ Australian Last Names That Will Make You Want To See Sydney

80+ Spanish Last Names That'll Take You To Your Nearest Tapas Bar

105+ Classy British Last Names That'll Make You Want To See Big Ben

80+ Jewish Last Names That'll Have You Toasting "L'Chaim"

70+ Popular And Classic French Last Names That Scream 'Ooh La La'

50+ Popular Irish Last Names To Connect You To Your Inner Paddy

These First Names That Come From Last Names Are All The Naming Inspo You Need

The Name Game

BySamantha Darby

23 Edwardian-Era Baby Names Full Of Hope & Progression

While still being majorly vintage and unique, obvi.

Save 'Em
ByAmy Thetford

8 Charming & Romantic Middle Names For Isabella

you've gotta be squiddin' me
ByKatie Garrity

This Woman Wonders If She’s Overreacting After Her Sister Shared Her Baby-To-Be’s Odd Name

"I am not making this up. I truly wish I was."

Your Little Majesty
ByCandace Nagy

25 Regal Baby Names That Mean “King”

And, no, none of them are Henry or Richard!

Vintage Flair
ByBrianne Hogan

31 Uncommon Old-Fashioned Girl Names Loaded With Charm

Because you love vintage names but know way too many friends who have Avas or Olivias.

ByAmber Guetebier

22 Baby Names Inspired By The Show Wednesday

ByDeirdre Kaye

27 Cool Color Names For The Baby Who’s Bound To Brighten Your World

From popular picks like Hazel and Olive to more obscure options like Xanthe and Cordovan.

Choices, Choices
ByDeirdre Kaye

15 Middle Names For Noah, From Traditional To Just Plain Cool

Little Noah Bodhi is destined to be a little rockstar.

once upon a name
ByKatie Garrity

New Study Shares The Top Ten Disney Character Baby Names

One Disney princess name dominates almost the entire country and it’s hard to guess!

oooh baby
ByKate Auletta

The Top Searched Baby Names By State In 2024, So Far

Here are the names Americans are Googling most.