May 24, 2022


It felt good to remove all of exH's hunting, fishing, and sports streaming channels off of the Roku tv after he left. Little things can be very satisfying.

Confessional #92347

I'm a girly girl who doesn't know how to parent her rough & tumble tomboy daughter.

Confessional # 1283

My grandmother became a widow young. I wondered why she never remarried. She would tell me it's because men are more trouble than they're worth. That answer baffled me. I ​now understand.

Confessional #98723

I loathe the self check out at the grocery store. My weekly order is huge and I mess up a lot ("Please remove the unscanned item") (Please wait. Help is on the way"). I'm paranoid the employees think I'm trying to steal. I would not steal.

Confessional # 3468

The funniest thing I ever saw was two old widows, whose husbands had been brothers, arguing fiercely about which husband had been more handsome. (The men had been nearly identical, TBH.) But the ladies were both willing to die on that hill.

Confessional #20984
Sister from another mister
ByKrystal Martinez

Tan France Calls Gigi Hadid For Parenting Tips

These two fashion buffs and BFFs are both navigating parenting for the first time.

Sneaker head
ByKrystal Martinez

Idina Menzel Has Been Stealing Her Tween’s Designer Sneakers — And He Is Not Thrilled

When she showed up at school in a pair of his Yeezys, he responded with a “look of death.”

ByDeirdre Kaye

Just A List Of 60+ Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free Every Day Of The Week

Who doesn’t want to save a little money here and there?

The 411
ByArielle Tschinkel

Should You Give Your Tween Or Teen With Anxiety Chores?

If your kid is going through something, here’s what to keep in mind.

Role Reversal
ByBrianne Hogan

What Is Parentification?

How to tell if this problematic dynamic affects your family.

Search History
ByMaggie Clancy

New Parents Google More Than 2,000 Questions During Infant’s First Year

A new survey finds that the average new parent searches up to nine different topics a day.

Pro Tips
ByDeirdre Kaye

This TikTok Teacher's Mental Health Advice For Kids Is Spot-On

Everyone can learn a little something from Mr. Hills.

it's that simple
BySarah Aswell

Researchers Say Kids Need These Five Simple Things From Their Family To Flourish

A large global study shows what kids need most to thrive in life.

I'll Turn This Car Around
ByHampton Williams Hofer

The Family Road Trip Is A Special Hell

The back seat is the wild west and we stop and to buy gas station popsicles.

Youth Sports
BySamm Burnham Davidson

I’m Sorry, But Your 8-Year-Old Kid Isn't Going Pro

Reality check: the point is for the kids to have fun.

ByKrystal Martinez

Nick Jonas Is Slamming Unsolicited Parenting Advice, Humorously

“It turns out everybody I know is a newborn care specialist.”

Super Mom
ByKrystal Martinez

Jean Smart Opens Up About Being A Widow And Working Mom

The ‘Hacks’ actress is absolutely brilliant on screen, but navigating heartache at home.

From Aidan to Zayden
BySarah Aswell

The Top Baby Names Of 2021 Are Here

The official Social Security Administration’s list includes the winners, the losers, and the Aidans.

Formula shortage
ByArielle Tschinkel

Formula Shortage Expected To Ease Within Weeks, White House Says

The U.S. Surgeon General spoke on Thursday about how the government is “working to minimize the impact.”

Scary But Necessary
ByArielle Tschinkel

How To Talk To Your Kids About Active Shooter Drills

Mental health experts offer insight.

All The Snot
ByLeigh Blickley

The 'This Is Us' Penultimate Episode Wrecked Fans, But Of Course

Viewers sobbed into tissues as the Pearsons said goodbye to their matriarch.