May 17, 2022


My first boyfriend at age 14 died last night. I’m so sad for his family and children, but also in awe that our paths turned out so differently. I can’t mourn him publicly it would be weird. So I’ll do it here.

Confession #6732

The one type of person I can't stand, above all others, is a childish adult. Act your age. Manage your responsibilities without whining. Take accountability. Communicate maturely. It's not that hard.

Confession #27653

Leave it to my grandson to make nose picking cute.

Confession #97235

I wish I had confronted my best friend 25 years ago when she began treating me poorly. Instead I kept quiet and let the behavior go on for years, eating away at me til I couldn't take any more and I ghosted her. That was an awful way of handling it.

Confession #46192

Most of the really sexually driven people that I know are poor decision makers.

Confession #1827
This just in
ByKrystal Martinez

FDA Approves Pfizer Covid-19 Booster Shots For Kids 5 to 11

The shot was granted emergency use for a single dose to be administered to children for additional protection five months after their two standard shots.

Light at the end of the tunnel
ByKrystal Martinez

Baby Formula Could Be Back In Production At Abbott Plant In Two Weeks

Abbott Nutrition has reached an agreement pending approval with the FDA that would help end the infant formula shortage.

Take Anything But My Phone
ByJessica G Hartshorn

We're All Obsessed With Kids' Screen Time — But What About Ours?

A pediatrician mom helps us stop scrolling so our kids can, too.

IQ boost
ByMarie Holmes

Video Games May Not Be As Bad For Kids' Intelligence As You Think

A study showed that playing video games was associated with greater gains in intelligence in kids ages 9-12.

Time Flies!
ByLeigh Blickley

Gwyneth Paltrow Shares All-Grown-Up Photo Of Daughter Apple On Her 18th Birthday

"I could not be more proud of the woman you are," the actor and Goop founder wrote of her first-born.

One And Done
ByKatie Arnold-Ratliff

The Secret Benefits Of Raising An Only Child

Sure, the lower daycare bills and lack of sibling squabbles are nice, but the research reveals even greater perks for singletons — and for their parents.

ByDiana Park

My Daughter Isn’t Like Me. And I’m Learning To Be Okay With That

Parenting isn’t about making your kids into anybody other than themselves.

A Guide
ByCandace Nagy

What Is Co-Parenting Counseling? Therapists Explain The Benefits

If your relationship with your ex is strained, this is for you.

The 411
ByArielle Tschinkel

Here's Why It's So Important Not To Dilute Your Baby's Formula

Pediatricians weigh in with safe, actionable advice on the formula shortage.

Go Easy On Yourself
ByElizabeth Tannen

Breastfeeding Was A Disaster From The Start. Why Was It So Hard To Stop Trying?

I felt desperate and ashamed of my desperation.

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

My Kids’ Hobbies Are Totally Messy, And I Don’t Even Care

Duck turds the size of tennis balls and grease all over the garage.

Uh Oh
ByArielle Tschinkel

Here Are The Red Flags Your Kid's A Brat

Are you raising a little terror? How to tell, according to a psychologist.

ByErin Hug

As A Bisexual Mom, I Want My Daughter To Grow Up Without Shame Or Fear

Growing up, I got the message from society loud and clear: queer was different, and different was scary.

ByKate Willsky

I Wasn’t Prepared For How Much I Hate Toddler Tantrums

I hate how hard they are for her, and I hate how I react.

wait, what?
ByMarie Holmes

Ready To Feel Old? The Gosselin Sextuplets Just Turned 18

The little tots made famous in 'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' are now officially adults.

Now That's A Present!
ByLeigh Blickley

Kelly Clarkson 'Almost Cried' Over Her Nanny's Mother's Day Gift

Get this: the single mom was given the gift of "time."