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Sneaker head
ByKrystal Martinez

Idina Menzel Has Been Stealing Her Tween’s Designer Sneakers — And He Is Not Thrilled

When she showed up at school in a pair of his Yeezys, he responded with a “look of death.”

Milestone Moments
ByArielle Tschinkel

How To Prepare Your Tween Or Teen For Their First Gynecological Visit

When should they go? What can they expect? OB-GYNs tell us.

Scary But Necessary
ByArielle Tschinkel

How To Talk To Your Kids About Active Shooter Drills

Mental health experts offer insight.

ByVanessa Kroll Bennett

Reminder: Your Kid’s First Dance Isn’t Make-Or-Break, So Relax

There is so much more life to be lived.

IQ boost
ByMarie Holmes

Video Games May Not Be As Bad For Kids' Intelligence As You Think

A study showed that playing video games was associated with greater gains in intelligence in kids ages 9-12.

Time Flies!
ByLeigh Blickley

Gwyneth Paltrow Shares All-Grown-Up Photo Of Daughter Apple On Her 18th Birthday

"I could not be more proud of the woman you are," the actor and Goop founder wrote of her first-born.

ByDiana Park

My Daughter Isn’t Like Me. And I’m Learning To Be Okay With That

Parenting isn’t about making your kids into anybody other than themselves.

we must, we must . . .
ByMarie Holmes

'Are You There God? It's Me Margaret' Is Coming To The Big Screen This Year

Rachel McAdams will star as Margaret's mother, who has an expanded role in the film’s version of the story.

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

My Kids’ Hobbies Are Totally Messy, And I Don’t Even Care

Duck turds the size of tennis balls and grease all over the garage.

Hard Lessons
ByDiana Park

I'm Glad My Daughter Got Caught Shoplifting

I asked her why she did it, and she shrugged her shoulders.

Smells Like Teen Spirit
ByJessica G Hartshorn

How Do You Tell Your Tween Or Teen They Smell Bad? Because Damn

Kids don't just grow, they ripen.

BySamm Burnham Davidson

9 Is A Weird Age. Here's What I've Learned.

The baby cuddles are over, but we can still connect.

Cue 'Em Up
ByEmily Weaver

50+ Tween Movies To Bust Out When They're "Bored"

Nothing to watch? Kid, please.

Got B.O.?
ByMaria Tallarico

13 Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorants For Kids, Tweens, And Teens

Get the funk out.

Big Topics
ByVanessa Kroll Bennett

What I Said When My Kid Asked, ‘Mom, What's the Playboy Mansion?’

I never lie to my kid or purposely avoid any question — even the hard ones.

hope for the future
ByMarie Holmes

Samsung Asked Kids To Solve The World’s Problems. Here’s What They Came Up With.

Samsung's ‘Solve For Tomorrow’ competition celebrates student innovators while confronting our biggest issues.