Tweens & Teens

Gun Safety
ByMaggie Clancy

New Shocking CDC Study Reveals How Often Teens Carry Guns

The study shows that gun carrying was more likely among youth who have experienced violence, suicidal thoughts, or substance abuse — especially boys.

Watch List
ByKelly Schremph

45 Back-To-School Movies To Get Your Students Back In The School Spirit

Whether the thought of another academic year fills you with excitement or dread, the world of cinema offers an array of back-to-school movies to curb your nerves.

ByDeirdre Kaye

How Many Hours Of Sleep Do Teens Need? Probably More Than You Think

If your teen sleeps till noon every day, well, that’s pretty normal. Here’s what experts say on the subject.

It's a Process
ByKatie Arnold-Ratliff

How To Raise Your Little Kid To Be A Great Teenager

What you can do now to help ensure your child will thrive later.

Here we go
ByKatherine Mueller

It’s My Kid’s Last Summer At Home, And I Just Can’t Stay Mad

The empty popsicle wrappers just don’t matter this year. (Seriously, though, pick them up.)

by the book
BySarah Aswell

Kids Who Read Paper Books Excel Over Digital-Reading Peers

A new global study found that while kids who read anything excel academically, kids who read traditional paper books do best.

We All Survived
ByJill Robbins

I Hit The Road With My Kids For A Month-Long Road Trip. Here’s What I Learned.

For starters? Budget for the splurges that’ll make your life easier.

Sign Us Up
ByJulie Sprankles

Jamie Lee Curtis: 'Letters From Camp' Is A Tribute To Reinventing Yourself

Season 3 of the YA podcast is now available to stream on Audible.

two peas in a pod
ByKrystal Martinez

Alicia Silverstone Reveals She ‘Still’ Co-Sleeps With Her 11-Year-Old Son

The actress explained that she’s a ‘natural and loving mama’ who shouldn’t be ‘mom shamed’ for it.

Gen Z Style
ByKatie Bingham-Smith

Yup, Teens Wear Sweatpants Everywhere. Who Cares?

Let’s stop making comments about what teens wear.

Online Spy
ByMaggie Clancy

31% Of Parents Will Monitor Their Kids’ Online Activity Until They’re 18

Other popular ages when parents plan to stop screening online time are 16 and 10.

OBX Alert
ByEmily Weaver

When Is Outer Banks Coming Back?

The Pogues could be returning to The Cut sooner than you think.

a family affair
BySarah Aswell

Jennifer Lopez’s Kids Attended Her Marriage To Ben Affleck

Emme posed in a vintage pink Cadillac at the Las Vegas wedding chapel.

ByDiana Park

My Mom Is Toxic, And It's Shaped My Relationship With My Daughter

I will never make her feel like she’s a burden or too much.

Food For Thought
ByDeirdre Kaye

New Study Shows States With Most “At-Risk Youth”

Can where you live affect your kid's ability to thrive? What the research shows.

A Doctor Weighs In
ByCandace Nagy

I Have A Really Sweaty Kid — Normal, Or Should I Be Worried?

Too much sweating can be a sign of an actual medical condition.