Tweens & Teens

Finding The Right Support
ByArielle Tschinkel

My LGBTQ+ Teen Wants To Try Chest Binding. Is It Safe?

Dr. Kryss Shane discusses this gender-affirming practice and what parents should know.

not my baby!
ByKatie Garrity

A School Counselor Reveals Why Your 3rd Grader Might Change Overnight

It all has to do with science.

let her live
ByKatie Garrity

Kate Hudson's Son "Might" Unfollow His Mom After She Posts Thong Bikini Photo

Her brother, Oliver, also weighed in on the cheeky pic.

dad's got jokes
ByKatie Garrity

A Dad's Hilarious Approach To Gentle Parenting Centers Around Making His Kids Cringe

"The worse your attitude, the more mom's going to blush."

Give me a break
ByDiana Park

There’s No Way I'm Throwing An Over-The-Top Graduation Party

You’ll find me relaxing in a lawn chair with a slice of pizza, instead.

Rock On, Mama
ByKatie Arnold-Ratliff

Kid Music Is Stupid. Play Your Kids What You Listen To.

It’s a chance to reveal to them the joys of the wider world, to let them begin to form their own taste — and to get to know you a little better.

try not to weep
ByKatie Garrity

A Thoughtful Mom's High School Graduation Gift For Her Daughter Is Going Viral

The notes on the “Open When” presents will make you tear up.

ByDiana Park

Sorry, The Teen Years Don’t Get Easier With Each Kid

Having gone through this two times before, maybe prepared me a bit, but it certainly didn’t make it any easier.

as they should
ByKatie Garrity

Gen Z Is Leaving Behind Toxic Millennial And Gen X Dating Tactics

The days of "ghosting" may be history for our kids.

School's Out
BySarah Bourassa

What NOT To Get Teachers For End-Of-Year Gifts (& What To Get Them Instead)

We asked our readers for the best (and worst) gift ideas to show our teachers much-deserved appreciation.

new service
BySarah Aswell

Uber Is Launching A Ride Service For Teens With Busy Parents

Starting today in 28 cities, teens will be able ride alone in Ubers — here are the safety features.

What To Do?
ByVanessa Kroll Bennett

Your Kid Wants To Quit An Activity. Do You Let Them?

It’s important to respect their autonomy... but those cleats weren’t free, either.

It's just a phase, right?
ByAlexandra Frost

What To Do When Your Pre-Pre-Teen Turns... Mean

A recent study suggests age 8 is the hardest to parent — with 6 and 7 not far behind.

dollars and cents
ByKatie Garrity

People Are Divided After Parents Reveal They Charge Their Graduated Teen Rent

"If you don't know what you want to do, work until you figure it out."

new tech
ByKatie Garrity

Expert Warns AI and Chat GPT Could Hit Kids "Like A Freight Train"

AI technology going to be a "huge issue" in kids' lives.

protect the kids
ByKatie Garrity

Kate Winslet Got Emotional Talking About Social Media And Kids’ Mental Health

"We want our children back."