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be real
ByKatie Garrity

Mayim Bialik Says It's Okay For Parents To Admit They Don't Have All The Answers

The ‘Jeopardy’ host explained how she navigates problem-solving with her two sons.

Seeing the damage
BySarah Aswell

Teen Brains Actually Aged Faster Because Of Pandemic Stress

A new study has found that stress and anxiety physically changed adolescent brains.

When Fibbing Gets Out Of Control
ByCandace Nagy

Is Your Kid A Little Liar? An Expert's Advice — & A Surprising Silver Lining

Turns out, lying isn’t always entirely bad.

All Grown Up!
ByLeigh Blickley

Violet Affleck Celebrates 17th Birthday At White House With Mom Jennifer Garner

The teen looked elegant next to her famous mom, who was beaming with pride.

Rough Patches

Nobody Tells You How Lonely It Is When Your Kid Acts Out

If you’re struggling with your teen, don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

Drag Your Dad
ByMaggie Clancy

Adam Sandler’s Teen Daughters Wrote His Hilarious, Self-Roasting Gotham Award Speech

And they went hard.

elfing around
ByKatie Garrity

Kim Kardashian Gave North West Elf On The Shelf Duties This Year And It’s Genius

Time to enlist the older siblings!

Wasn't Expecting This
ByJessica G Hartshorn

4 Powerful Parenting Truths In Everything Everywhere All At Once

My son's favorite film is also a fascinating look at our relationship with our kids as they grow into teens.

speaking out
ByKatie Garrity

Collin Gosselin Of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Broke Down In Tears During An Emotional Interview

The now 18-year-old opened up about how growing up on camera affected his whole life.

Social Media Messes

Should I Tattle On My Kids' Friends?

Where do you draw the line when it’s time to speak up?

Pay It Forward
ByKatie Garrity

Dwayne Johnson Went Back To The 7-Eleven He Stole From As A Teen And Made Amends

The Rock was finally able to "right this wrong.”

Tech Support
ByJanine Annett

Will My Kid Be Hopelessly Out Of The Loop If I Don't Give Him A Phone?

We don't want him to have a phone yet, but I worry that his friends will move on without him.

don't blame me
ByKatie Garrity

Parents Are Sharing The Hell That Is Trying To Get Their Kids Taylor Swift Tickets

Parents waited in Ticketmaster queues for hours only to come up empty.

Life Lessons
ByKatie Bingham-Smith

I Need My Kids To Understand Snacks Don’t Grow On Trees

Especially in this economy.

They're Taking Over
ByKelly Schremph

How Many Extracurriculars Does One Kid Really Need?

Kids have a lot of energy to burn, but here's why loading up on extracurriculars might not be the best solution.

like mother like daughter
ByKatie Garrity

Kate Winslet And Daughter Mia Will Co-Star As Mother And Daughter In New Movie

The movie focuses on the global youth mental health crisis, as seen in one family.