Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 18

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Buckle your seat belt, Mom


This week your child will continue his brilliant path toward the discovery of how to push all your buttons. That’s right, the seeds of independence are sprouting into wants over needs and your wee one is leaning to explore your limits by testing out how committed you are to directions like, “No throwing yogurt at the dog.”

Don’t let hitting, throwing, and kicking become a game. Your little one is watching you for reactions as he catapults his Duplos across the living room in hope of loud crashing sounds. Set firm limits and stick to them now with consistency. It will make the later toddler months so much easier!

Buckle your seat belt, Mom, because bedtime routines are about to become a thing! If you haven’t already begun to create patterns for bedtime then now is a great time to start. The predictability of a bedtime routine – no matter how much fuss and fluster your kid gives you – will help your child to eventually settle into healthy sleep patterns. Just think of it this way, the sooner you get your tot in the groove of a predictable bedtime routine the sooner you can pour that glass of wine and catch up on Mad Men.

Scary Mommy Tip: Take advantage of your new bedtime routine to read to your child thereby setting the groundwork for a love of reading. Before you know it, your child will be snoring by 7pm giving you the chance to unwind with a rousing game of Candy Crush.


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