Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 31

by Scary Mommy

How to Stay Chill When You Want to Lose Your Shit and Yell


This week is all about growth. As your toddler gets ever closer to the two-year mark you’ll find that his little brain is busy making thousands of connections, from dexterity to language to learning the nuances your facial expressions; yes, even your resting bitch face. But don’t pull out the flash cards just yet, Tiger Mom. You’ve got some groundwork to do first.

Set the stage for discipline that is fair and respectful. As crazy as it sounds, little kids know hundreds and sometimes thousands of words by the 19th month even if they cannot say more than a dozen yet. Help your child understand your house rules by using the same words to describe good and bad behavior and also the natural consequences.

Follow through is a necessary pain in the ass that teaches your child to follow your directions the first time and not the 80th time after you lose your shit and yell. Keep directions simple, and stick to your guns if you make a threat for timeout or taking away a favorite toy.

Scary Mommy Tip: Your little bundle of joy is entering that stage of life when he begins to understand that you have buttons that he simply must push. A lot. Take heart and know that this is a sign of unconditional love and feeling of trust and safety. So if your kid paints the dog with oatmeal, try your best not to pull out your hair. We know. It’s hard.


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