10 Reasons 'New Girl' Was The Pandemic Binge I Didn't Know I Needed

by Christine Organ
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10 Reasons 'New Girl' Was The Pandemic Binge I Didn't Know I Needed

I’m not really sure how it started. Most likely my older son had flipped it on for some reason — a friend had talked about it, maybe he saw something on TikTok, I don’t know — but one night a few months ago, he turned on New Girl.


“This will be our new dinner show,” he said referencing our pandemic dinner routine. Some families have been gathering around the table for families meals since the world shut down, but we haven’t eaten a meal at our table since early March. Instead, every night we gather up our food, plunk down on the couch in front of the TV and watch a show (or two) together. Honestly it’s been one of the best parts of the pandemic, in my opinion. We’ve binged our way through several shows already — Outer Banks, Never Have I Ever, and the Umbrella Academy just to name a few.


And I gotta say, New Girl just might be my favorite of all those binges.

I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. I mean that original theme song (Who’s that giiiirrl? It’s Jess!) did not do the first couple seasons any favors. The series also ended a couple years ago, so there wasn’t the whole gotta-see-what-everyone’s-talking-about motivation. Still, the show quickly pulled me in and did not let go. In fact, New Girl was the pandemic gift I did not know I needed.

Here are just a few reasons why:

1. It is laugh until you cry funny. Like really.

I seriously cannot remember when I have ever laughed so much during a show. EVER. My family would often stare at me in disbelief at the cacophony of sounds — giggles, guffaws, snorts. I laughed so hard I cried — many times. The day we watched the final episodes had been one of those colossally horrific days and even then, the final episode (which are notorious for their jump-the-shark cheesiness), made me laugh so hard and for so long that my face hurt.

2. It made me forget about the awfulness of the world.

The crew of Jess, Nick, Winston, Schmidt and CeCe are so uniquely entertaining and the show is so light and fluffy that you can almost forget the world is a giant dumpster fire.

The show was like the most delicious, ooey-gooey, warm from the oven, chocolate chip cookie. And believe me, I love me some chocolate chip cookies. It’s like a hug for your heart. Okay, maybe Jess’s dorkiness has rubbed off on me. Speaking of…

3. Jess’s adorkable personality makes it cool to be… well, not cool.

Seriously, never has a show owned characters’ authenticity like this.

4. Every character is so amazing that you can’t pick your favorite.

One season Schmidt was my fave. The next Cece. Then Jess or Nick or Winston (who was totally underrated IMO).

5. Nick Miller is a 2020 mood.

He’s angry and disheveled and hates people. Need I say more?

6. You can relive your carefree, pre-kid years without the repercussions of all that carefreeness.

Hangovers don’t exist in New Girl. True American anyone?

7. It’s fun for the whole family.

It’s got something for everyone. My teen loved the inappropriate jokes. My tween loved the shenanigans. And I loved… well, everything. Also because it was so relevant, it is a great way to talk about things like sex, booze and relationships with my kids without it being some big, awkward conversation.

8. The love stories feel real and relevant.

Sure, there’s just the right amount of sappiness like any good sit-com love story, but there’s nothing perfect about them. The love stories aren’t all sparkly and shiny; they’re rugged and maybe even a little rusted and jagged but awesome nonetheless. You know, like real love stories.

9. Jess and Cece are peak #friendshipgoals.

This is it folks. This is the best platonic love story of all time.

10. It’s seven seasons long.

So it’s hours and hours and hours of feel good entertainment. And I hear there might be a reunion…

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