10 Reasons You Should Watch Amazon's Catastrophe

by Scary Mommy
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It’s not often that I devour an entire series in a day, but when the season is only six episodes long, all of which I can watch on my laptop in the comfort of my bed, I can. And last weekend, I did.

Catastrophe begins with Rob and Sharon’s week long sex-fest while Rob is in London on business. Soon after, Sharon, of “advanced maternal age,” finds herself pregnant and Rob moves to London so they can tackle this unexpected twist together.

Now, a confession: Rob Delaney (star and co-writer) and I go way back. By way back, I mean I drooled over him back in high school when I was a total theater geek and he was the star of my rival high school’s musical performances.

Turns out not much has changed in 20 years. He owned the stage then, and I’m happy to report that he owns the stage now. And I might just still be the loser drooling.

If you haven’t yet watched Catastrophe, here’s why you should be…

1. Rob. Back to Rob. He’s made a name for himself as a comedian with a massive Twitter following, but he’s totally a leading man. A massive, charming leading man. Who put me right back in high school.

2. Sharon. Rob’s co-writer and co-star is equally adorable. She dresses like Mr. Rogers, but somehow manages to carry it off with flying colors. She’s equally as crush-worthy as Rob.

3. Rob and Sharon. The chemistry they have together is pure perfection. It’s hard to believe they aren’t a real life couple.

4. The dialogue. This doesn’t feel like a scripted show, it feels like two very real people, having very real conversations. Example: “You let me put my penis in your mouth, but you won’t let me put my T-shirts in your drawer?” “Please don’t rush me, Rob,”

5. The fact that it’s British. Which totally makes you all worldly and shit just for watching.

6. It’s raunchy, it’s vulgar and it’s profane. In the best possible way, of course.

7. It’s a love story. And who doesn’t need a good love story?!

8. It just gets it. “We could do this and not fuck up the kid too horribly.” Really, isn’t that what we’re all striving to do?

9. The length. The main complaint about Catastrophe seems to be its short season, but how the hell else are you supposed to binge watch an entire show and get the laundry done and children fed?

10. The price. It’s free on Amazon Prime (which is free this month, even if you aren’t a member.)

Seriously, just watch it. Bet you’ll fall in love, too.

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