10 Reasons Your BFF Back Then Is Still Your BFF Now

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You are friends for life.

Sure, your friendship might look nothing like it did back in the day, but the bond is just as strong as ever. No matter how long it has been since you’ve last seen or talked to each other, you fall right back into that sweet BFF spot. You might communicate primarily via text or email, and you may not have had an actual conversation—much less seen each other in person—for months or years. You might be living in different parts of the country or different countries all together. You might have different jobs and parenting styles, religious and political views, and yet still your friendship is as strong as ever.

You were BFFs then. You are BFFs now.

It’s just that simple. And just that complicated. Here are 10 reasons why your friendship has held up over time:

1. You know when, where and with whom she lost her virginity, and she knows how often you are having sex now.

2. You danced to “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” at your high school prom and then again at both of your weddings.

3. You’ve seen her vomit as a result of too much Boone’s Farm, morning sickness and chemo drugs.

4. You introduced her to her husband.

5. She offered to dye her hair purple too after that “coloring mishap” in high school; you offered to shave your head when she found out she had breast cancer.

6. She saw you naked when you were college roommates, with minimal awkwardness; you’ve felt her post-mastectomy and pre-reconstruction breasts, with minimal awkwardness.

7. You know her celebrity crush is still Justin Timberlake; she knows yours is still Johnny Depp.

8. You have shared makeup, bras and breast pumps.

9. You know she has a complicated relationship with her mother; she knows that you had a complicated relationship with becoming a mother.

10. After all this time, being together still feels like home.

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