Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: The 10 Sex Posts You Love The Most

by Wendy Wisner
Scary Mommy and PeopleImages/Getty

We at Scary Mommy are not shy about talking about sex — about asking for what we want, learning about our desires and “hot spots,” and being unabashedly ourselves in bed (or wherever we decide to get it on).

But we also know that sex isn’t the same for everyone. Moving through the stages of parenting means having sexual desires that wax and wane. It means having big feelings about our changing bodies and changing relationships. All of that is normal, and it’s time we normalized accepting our sexuality in all of its forms, and at different points in our journeys.

We also think body autonomy is hot AF and enthusiastic consent during sex reigns supreme. Also: it’s past time for women (and men) to not be shy about their desires. Getting kinky? Letting your freak fly between the sheets? Yes, please.

Being your whole, true self when it comes to sex, whether it means trying a threesome or making “sex art” with your partner? OMG, bring it.

Here are Scary Mommy’s top 10 sex posts, according to our loyal readers.

1. Can We Talk About The Male G-Spot For A Minute?

Bet you didn’t know that dudes have a “g-spot” too. Well, they totally do. And our staff writer, Katie Smith, got right to the bottom of that one (pun definitely intended).

2. My Husband And I Made A ‘Sex Painting’ And It Hangs On Our Wall

Okay, I bet you had no idea that you could make a painting based on your own personal sexcapade. Well, you totally can. And that’s exactly what writer Sophie McGrath did. Her unsuspecting visitors have no idea what they are looking at when they come to over to hang at her house.

3. The Kivin Method Will Make Oral Sex Way Better

Lots of us want to like oral sex, but it doesn’t always bring us to “O town.” This is common! But it doesn’t have to be this way. Technique often matters here, and apparently the Kivin Method is one that really makes a difference. So maybe slip this link to your partner? Hint, hint.

4. Relax, Everyone: ‘Squirting’ Is Totally Normal

Yeah, I never heard of “squirting,” either before I read this piece. Not everyone squirts, and it’s not a prerequisite to great sex. But if you’ve always wondered what squirting is and how to make it happen, we’ve got you covered.

5. Don’t Be So Uptight. It’s Just Anal Sex.

Look, anal sex is not for everyone. But some of us really freaking love it, and damn, it can lead to some really intense orgasms. Most of all, there’s no shame in your game if opening your back door to love is what works for you.

6. Why I Give My Husband A BJ Every Day

Read the disclaimer for this one before you get all judgy. Our writer, Babs Johnson, has made a conscious and empowering choice to give her husband a BJ most nights. It totally works for her and her hubbie and she’s not afraid to tell you why.

7. I Wanted A Threesome… Until I Actually Had One

We’ve all fantasized about having threesomes (come on, you totally have). But fantasy did not really match reality for Madison Hayes. At least she left her adventure with a truly hilarious story.

8. I’m A Mom And I Masturbate

Moms masturbate. End of story. It’s good for your mental and physical health, and it’s a form of self-care for many of us.

9. My Husband Watches Porn, And That Is Fine By Me

Yes, porn can be problematic at times, but it’s also pretty normal to enjoy it, and to use it for your getting off pleasures. As long as it’s not interfering with your sex life, we say go for it!

10. I Will Let My Teens Have Sex In My House

Sex isn’t just about what you do with your partner. As your kids get older, you will have to make decisions about how to respectfully their own sexual interests and habits (yes, this really happens!). One mom argues for letting your kids do the deed in the privacy and safety of one’s own home. Our readers definitely had a lot of opinions about that one!

There you have it … some of our top sex posts of all time. We love writing about these topics, and we know you love reading about them. So rest assured, there will be more!