12 Teen Crushes Who Still Make Us Swoon

by Sa'iyda Shabazz
FReddie Prinze / John Stamos / The Rock / Instagram

As a tween/teen, I spent a lot of time cultivating the perfect ambiance in my room. This included plastering my walls with pictures of my favorite teen heartthrobs. I would spend hours fantasizing about all the ways to make them mine, and what our imaginary life would be like. Come on, you know you did it too. How many times did you practice writing “Mrs. Crush-Du-Jour” in a notebook?

The thing about getting older is that our teen idols have gotten older too. So, as we’ve become moms, they’ve become dads, and many of them still make us swoon just as much now as they did then. There is nothing hotter than a good dad, and these guys have proven that they’re pretty hot.

Justin Timberlake

Love him, or hate him (and really, how could you hate him?), Justin Timberlake has totally transitioned from teen heartthrob to adorable dad in the best way possible. Since the birth of his son Silas in 2015, he’s really embraced the dad thing. He agreed to make the film Trolls because he wanted to do a movie his son could see, and the title of his new album, Man of the Woods, is inspired by his little boy (Silas essentially means “of the woods”). Look at how cute they are!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

For most of us, Dwayne Johnson will forever be “The Rock.” He has since successfully made the transition to bona fide movie star, and we’ll sit through just about anything for the chance to see him without a shirt. But there is nothing better than seeing him in his best role, a dad to two (soon to be three) daughters.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton doesn’t have much in common with lovable but clueless Kelso on That 70s Show — aside from still being cute as hell, of course. He is a humanitarian, and one heck of a dad. He and his wife (and former co-star) Mila Kunis have two kids together, and you can tell that Kutcher is a hands-on dad. In fact, he openly discussed the lack of changing tables in men’s public restrooms, and led a charge to change it.

Freddie Prinze Jr.

If you loved the movie She’s All That, it was likely because of Freddie Prinze Jr. He was totally adorable, and still is. He married Sarah Michelle Gellar, and they have two kids. Freddie has also expanded his talents beyond acting and directing — he even has a freaking cookbook, y’all. If Sarah Michelle Gellar is ever out of the picture, I’m available. Just sayin’.

A.J. McClean

Of all the Backstreet Boys, it’s safe to assume, that A.J. McLean was the least dad-like. But since becoming a dad in 2012 (he has two daughters who are Adorable with a capital A), he’s totally embraced that dad life. Clearly, he was made for being a dad!

Tom Fletcher

Many people on this side of the Atlantic have likely never heard of Tom Fletcher, but you may have seen the video below. Tom Fletcher is a musician (he’s in the band McFly) and author, and has been making my heart swoon since 2006.

Liam Payne

Liam has really been on a roll in his time since One Direction went on hiatus. He’s released three singles and landed a song on the soundtrack to the last 50 Shades movie. But his favorite project has definitely been becoming a dad. His son Bear was born almost a year ago, and it’s clear that he was meant to be a dad.

Devon Sawa

From the minute he whispered “Can I keep you?” to Christina Ricci in Casper, Devon Sawa stole our hearts. There aren’t too many 90s girls who didn’t have his face somewhere on their walls. Now, he a dad to a son and daughter, and it is so stinking cute, we can’t stand it.

John Stamos

Have mercy! John Stamos won over many hearts as Uncle Jesse on Full House, and still makes our knees weak. Now, he’s getting ready to become a dad for the first time, and the thought of him changing diapers in the middle night is giving us major heart eyes.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris has certainly come a long way from playing Doogie Houser, MD. Sure, he played ladies man Barney on How I Met Your Mother, but really, his best role is definitely dad to twins Gideon and Harper. He and his husband David Burtka seriously are the cutest dads.

How lucky that we live in a world where social media exists so that we can keep track of our favorite celebs if we want to! Who are your celeb dad crushes?