10 Ways Living With A Roommate Is Like Living With A Baby

by Lana Schwartz
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2. It’s not easy for them to hide when they’re upset about something. Try as they might, the truth will come out.

3. Your bathroom schedule is dependent upon their bathroom schedule.

4. Only you—and maybe a select few others—know what to do to cheer them up if they’re crying.

5. They’ll wreck the living room and kitchen on occasion, but you can’t stay mad for too long.

6. You continue to talk to them even though you’re not always sure they’re listening to what you’re saying.

7. Sleeping arrangements are improvised.

8. They love your stuff even more than you do—especially your earrings.

9. Sometimes, they come into your life unexpectedly, but if you embrace them with open arms, they can change your world for the better.

10. You cherish this time together, because you know it won’t stay like this forever.

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