11-Year-Old Writes Epic 6-Page Report To Convince Her Parents To Get A Cat

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Twitter

She created a six-page report to convince her parents to adopt one

It’s generally understood that little girls love cats, but some take that love to the extreme.

Like this 11-year-old who’s so serious about getting a pet that she wrote a document detailing why she wants and should get one. And the internet solidly has her back.

Romesa lives in San Antonio with her parents, and she really wants a cat. Her older sister, Rimsha, long wanted a cat as well, but went away to college without realizing her childhood dream. Now Romesa is taking up the fight, and busting out the big guns.

Buzzfeed has the story of the little girl’s latest attempt to lobby her parents by way of a six-page report entitled, “Why I Would Love a Cat, Benefits of Cats, and fixing problems.”

She tells Buzzfeed that her father is always encouraging her to write reports, so she took his advice, fired up Google, and went to town.

“I thought I would write a report about a cat because that’s what I really want,” she explains.

Her report included strong points such as the fact that cats are good for kids, will reduce her dependence on electronics – something her parents are always scolding her about – and deserve to be rescued from shelters.

But for Romesa, what it really boils down to is simple: “I just really want a cat because it would just change my life.”

Her older sister, having failed in her own quest for feline companionship, is so there for this that she shared the 11-year-old’s well-researched plea on her Twitter account.

Not shockingly, the internet, long known for its strong pro-cat slant, is fully behind Romesa.

Rimsha shared her sister’s clever incorporation of a religious argument, clearly impressed by the youngster’s shameless pandering.

She’s not the only one impressed.

The internet has decided she’s earned herself a kitty.

Kids are always wanting things (they want everything, basically) and it’s our job as parents to stop them. Especially when those things become our responsibility. Like pets.

The battle between animal-loving children and reluctant parents is an ancient one, and kids have long used many a different tactic to try to convince Mom and Dad to take the plunge. But I doubt too many have taken the time to research and craft a paper so compelling that strangers online are dying to read the thing.

I just hope Romesa included the fact that cats are pretty low-maintenance, and that there’s a decent chance that once she gets it home, it won’t want anything to do with anyone anyway.