12 Tweets That Perfectly Describe The Special Hell That Is Daylight Saving Time

by Maria Guido
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Daylight Saving Time… why? In the fall, at least we can pretend we’re going to get an extra hour of sleep. (Spoiler alert: if you’re a parent, you’re not.) But in the spring? Just losing an hour? On a weekend? Screw you, world. Or whoever made Daylight Saving Time a thing. Admittedly the extra sunshine hour of sunshine is nice, but it wouldn’t even need to be an “extra” hour if we just stopped engaging in this stupid tradition.

This year, many of us have the special treat of having daylight saving recovery fall on an apocalyptic blizzard warning and snow day. Why world? Why?

Take some comfort in the fact that you aren’t the only one feeling lost, alone, and tired.

Yup. That’s about right.

Sure. But daylight saving still sucks more than those other days.

Agreed. Why?

How many were up at the crack of dawn with kids? Hooray. You win a day’s worth of exhaustion.

Yup. Already doing this.

There’s never been a GIF that more appropriately explains the way we feel today.

Just shut up, people.

Seriously, why?

Andrew isn’t here for your shit, daylight saving.

This is a question we’re all asking today.

What Conan said.

Okay. Maybe there’s a bright spot here.

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