13 Things That Made It Great To Be A Kid In The 1980s

by Scary Mommy
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Being a kid in the last generation to ever experience the sound of a busy signal and the beauty of acid wash was epic. Here are 13 reasons why.

13. Jamming to a Fisher-Price Record Player

We will never understand why they made this thing in depressing shades of brown, but having an indestructible record player to sing along to never got old.

12. Pegged Pants

Perfecting this technique meant that your pants could last all day without readjustment to the “tapered” look.

11. Vuarnet

Probably one of the most iconic, yet unpronounceable, T-shirts—it was a wardrobe staple. Bonus if you had it in both the classic color scheme and neon.

10. Garbage Pail Kids Stickers

So gross, but so much fun.

9. L.A. Gear

Different color laces, a dangling key chain, and faux foot vents made the pastel masterpiece complete.

8. Playing ‘Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise to Repeat’

A school yard favorite that only required you and your friends to come up with warped challenges. It’s borderline bullying by today’s standards, but you know you loved it.

7. Styling Your Hair Like Madonna and Cyndi

Watch me crimp. Watch me hair spray.

6. Playing Outside Until the Streetlights Came On

‘Cause your parents had no idea where to find you, and you didn’t know how to tell time any other way.

5. Never Wearing a Helmet for Anything

Riding, sledding and scooting oblivious to the threat of serious head trauma was awesome.

4. Sun In Hair Lightener

Blondes and brunettes united around lemon juice or lightening spray to achieve the beach lifeguard look, despite most of us not living anywhere near the beach.

3. Jelly Shoes

A trip to the mall for jellies in multiple colors with embedded glitter was the epitome of high fashion.

2. Really Wanting a Talking Car

Yes, admit it: David Hasselhoff was cool once upon a time as Knight Rider. And so was “Kit,” the talking car who gives Siri a run for her money.

1. Saturday Morning Cartoons With Cereal

Watching TV while watching the milk in your bowl of Cocoa Puffs change color was always a thrill. Guess what? Now, we and our kids can enjoy the cereals we grew up with but without the stuff we’re trying to avoid. 75% of General Mills Big G cereals are free of artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources.

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