14 Ways Being A Mom Is Like Being A Superhero

by Leigh Anderson
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My 5-year-old son is really, really into superheroes. The other day he drew a “button” on a piece of paper, cut it out and handed it to me. He said, “Mommy, when we get grown up, you and Daddy will lose your superpowers. But you can push this button, and you’ll get them back!”

Tears came to my eyes. Oh, if only! I have often felt like this is the most “powerful” time of my life, mostly because I am the center of a family who depends on me, and taking care of them feels more profound and satisfying than anything else I’ve ever done. And I then I thought, hey, being a mom is like having superpowers! Every day I’m impressed with how moms spin something out of nothing, move faster than a speeding bullet, or contort themselves into a million directions for the sake of their families. Below, 14 ways being a mom is like being a superhero.

1. People (okay, very young people) are in awe of you: how you can fold a paper airplane, sew on a button or build a snowman.

2. You can see the future: You know when people are tired before they do. You can see exactly how the rest of this afternoon is going to go down if someone doesn’t take a rest.

3. You can defuse a meltdown with a Lara bar and a banana before it even starts.

4. People (okay, very young people) scream with joy when you appear.

5. You can see through walls: You know exactly what that ominous silence in your kids’ room means.

6. You can turn back time to the moment before someone drew on the walls. You just need a little product called the Magic Eraser.

7. Okay, fine, sometimes you turn green with envy at other families’ houses.

8. No creature on earth moves faster than you when you see your highly allergic kid lifting a peanut to his mouth.

9. Leggings and boots are your new uniform. You’re considering one of those cape-like swing coats for fall, if you can pull it off.

10. Your kid, who’s in the process of being potty trained, gets “that look” on his face? You can snatch him up, pull down his pants and plop him on the toilet faster than a speeding bullet.

11. Your “abracadabra” skills are off the hook: You can make dinner out of a pat of butter, one leftover piece of ham, an egg and some rice.

12. The mother in The Incredibles has nothing on you: You can pump, type and toss a ball for the dog while you rock the cradle with your foot.

13. You can stop a speeding stream of vomit with your bare hands.

14. Your strength is superhuman: You can carry an enormously heavy baby on your chest while you bump a double stroller full of groceries down a flight of stairs.

See what I mean? Just because they’re everyday heroics doesn’t mean they’re not heroic. So give yourself a pat on the back. And check out those cute swing coats for fall.

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