15 Baby Names For The New Year

by Rita Templeton
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It’s a brand new year — and if that includes a brand new baby coming soon, and you’re still stumped for a name that has the perfect meaning, look no further!

These unique baby names that symbolize new beginnings are absolutely perfect for babies born in the first few months of a new year. But babies are always a fresh start, so they can be just as symbolic at any time.

1. Nova

This one is derived from the Latin word novus, which means “new.” It first appeared on the U.S. popularity charts in 2011 at #886, and has been wildly increasing in popularity every year since then, currently standing at #56 for girls.

2. Ausra

The Lithuanian word for “dawn,” but it sounds so much like a name (like a mashup of Audra and Ezra) that we think it’s a perfect addition to the list.

3. Sahar

This one also means “dawn” — but in Arabic. It evokes thoughts of the Sahara desert, which brings an air of exotic warmth to the name … even if little Sahar happens to be born in the freezing cold.

4. Zora

Derived from a Slavic word also meaning “dawn,” this name is also sometimes lengthened to Zorana — an equally beautiful (and equally under-used!) choice. It also has literary connotations, thanks to the author of the classic novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston.

5. Eos

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Eos was the name of the Greek goddess of the dawn. More accurately, in fact, she was the dawn — the human personification of it, said to bring the early morning light with her “rosy fingers.”

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6. Aurora

Eos’ counterpart in Roman mythology was Aurora, which means “dawn” in Latin. As a name, it’s a little more widely-recognizable than Eos, especially since it’s the name of the titular princess in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

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7. Nouvel

Perhaps most famous as the middle name of celebri-kid Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, this is the French word for “new.” It’s great for any gender, too.

8. Genesis

Meaning “origin” or “beginning” in Greek, this is also a truly gender-neutral baby name. From 2017-2018 it was one of the fastest-rising names for boys, jumping up 608 spots on the Social Security baby name popularity chart to claim a spot in the boys’ top 1000. And it’s currently the 57th most popular name for girls!

9. Navin

The Sanskrit word for “new,” this name falls nicely into step with other N-V names like Navy and Neville.

10. Raanan

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Pronounced rah-ah-nahn, this is a Hebrew word meaning “fresh.” And there’s pretty much nothing fresher than a brand-new baby … as long as we’re not talking in terms of diapers.

11. Neo

Derived from the Greek prefix νεος, meaning “new,” although this name also has some definite The Matrix vibes. But hey! Everybody loves Keanu Reeves, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

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12. Xavier

This name actually means “the new house” — it’s derived from the Basque place name Etxeberria. Technically, though, your house is your baby’s new house, even if his parents have inhabited it for a while. So this one definitely has a rightful place on the list.

13. Janus

It doesn’t exactly mean “new beginnings” … this name means “archway.” But Janus was the Greek god of beginnings, which is why the month of January was named after him. This would make for a distinguished-sounding middle name, as is evidenced by Julian Janus Marquet, a character in a novel series by V.C. Andrews. (PS – it’s pronounced YAH-nus, not “Janice.”)

14. Novak

First names derived from surnames are all the rage; just ask Harper and Carter. This one is also a surname-turned-given-name, just a little less English; it’s derived from the Serbian nov, meaning “new.”

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15. Asier

This one is pronounced ah-see-YEHR, and its origin story can be a little confusing; as a name, it’s derived from the Basque word hasier, which means “new” or “start” — though in the Basque language, the actual word asier means “steel.” Either way, you can say it’s a “strong” name for your little guy, right? And it could be a refreshing change from the ever-popular Asher: definitely different, yet similar enough to sound familiar to most people.

Babies are the epitome of new beginnings, and infinite possibilities. They are blank slates, full of potential, just waiting for their life stories to be written. And a name which reflects that is the perfect choice during any season of the year, but especially poignant when your baby is born right at the start.

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