15 Ways You Can Get Us in the Mood (Sponsored)

by Kathryn Leehane
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Listen up, men. We women are hard-working, exhausted, and possibly a bit cranky from our daily demands. Oftentimes, we’re not feeling in the least bit sexy. As manly as you try to sound, “Wanna do it?” is not going to get our juices flowing. Your tried-and-true mating rituals, like flashing your man parts or slapping our backsides, are much more likely to get an eye roll than a roll in the hay. These days, if you really want to turn us on, try a few of these mood enhancers instead:

1. Do the dishes. Load the dishwasher, and then scrub those pots hard and fast. Don’t forget to wipe down every surface with your hot, wet towel.

2. Massage our feet. Rub them deep. Rub them hard. Rub them up. Rub them down. More! Yes, that’s it! Yes! Yes!

3. Give us what we really want when we say we’re hot—a fan and some ice water. Then let us attend to our own needs during the many hot flashes.

4. Fluff and fold the laundry. Then put it away. PUT IT ALL AWAY DEEP INSIDE THAT CLOSET, BABY.

5. Prepare a steamy bubble bath—complete with music and wine. Then, leave the room and let us slide in all by ourselves.

6. Mow the lawn. Be sure to remove all of the weeds and keep the edges well-manicured. That’s what we call real manscaping.

7. Complete that painting project that’s been on the list for months. Be sure to clean up the wet, sticky mess.

8. Pour us a glass of wine, kick us out of the kitchen, and make the family dinner. We love it when it’s a little spicy.

9. Let us sleep in. What better way to be the man of our dreams than to let us have dreams? We promise they are of you and not of People Magazine’s Hottest Man Alive.

10. Make us coffee every morning. And deliver it while it’s still fresh. We like it HOT.

11. Watch a chick flick with us—something you wouldn’t pick yourself. You know you like to watch us having fun.

12. Vacuum the house—the whole house. Suck it all up, baby.

13. Bring us breakfast in bed. You know how much we like to eat in the bedroom.

14. Take our cars in for wash and a lube job. We like our rides clean and smooth.

15. Gifts. Buy us something from our favorite store. Something leather. Maybe with a zipper or a heavy buckle. You know we’re talking about a purse, right?

By the way, we’re happy to brainstorm other chores ways to get us in the mood anytime. The promise of getting things accomplished is the biggest turn-on of all.

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