Your 2 Week Old Baby


Your Two Week Old Baby

Two Weeks into the Trenches

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You’re two weeks deep in the trenches now! On one hand, you may be settling into a routine with your baby – but on the other hand, you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever feel normal again. Don’t worry: you will! Right now, just focus on adapting to life with a newborn and grab a shower when you can (a vibrating bouncy seat on the bathroom floor will help in a huge way). Feeling normal starts with – well, not feeling gross.

You know who else hasn’t bathed in a while? Your baby, since that pesky umbilical stump has been clinging on for dear life. But now that it’s off, tub baths are a go! (Baby tubs, that is.) Just a couple inches of lukewarm water is all you need – be sure to test the temp beforehand. Keep all your supplies within arm’s reach so you never have to leave baby unattended in the water, even for a few seconds. Use a mild soap and prepare to get high off that clean-baby smell. It’s the BEST.

While you’re obsessively sniffing his head, take a few minutes to “chat.” His eyesight is still fuzzy, but he can see things from eight to fifteen inches away, and he loves faces (especially yours, whether you’ve showered or not!). When he’s quiet and alert, get close and speak softly, making big, exaggerated facial expressions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re teaching him quantum theory or recounting the latest antics of that krazy Kardashian klan … he’ll think it’s awesome, and it helps his eyesight and language development. Win-win!

Of course, you’re still dealing with the inevitable mealtime struggles: whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you probably think it’s not good enough. Which is best? WHICHEVER ONE KEEPS YOUR BABY FROM BEING HUNGRY WHICH IS BOTH OF THEM. So be confident in your decision. Read this and feel good. You’re doing a great job, mama.


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