Toddler Calls 911 With Wardrobe 'Emergency' And Ends Up With A New Friend

by Jerriann Sullivan

Deputy says helping 2-year-old girl with wardrobe emergency was the highlight of her day

Having just learned how to call 911, an adorable 2-year-old girl wasted no time reaching out for help when she had a wardrobe emergency this week and the happy result was making a new friend.

Whether it’s the jeans that suddenly don’t fit or the realization that your favorite top is covered in your kid’s food, we’ve all experienced an early-morning fashion crisis. Wouldn’t it be great to call someone who could come right over and help? Aaliyah Garrett from South Carolina was lucky enough to have that happen to her after she couldn’t get her outfit just right on Wednesday morning.

Greenville County Sheriff’s Office officials couldn’t understand what the little girl said on the 911 call, according to The Washington Post. Thankfully Deputy Martha Lohnes wasn’t far from the girl’s home, so she headed over to make sure everything was okay. “I show up and she comes to the door with her pants half on, saying she can’t get them on. So I sit down on the stairs and help her put pants on,” the deputy said.

With that dilemma solved, she moved on to the next wardrobe malfunction – tying Aaliyah’s shoes. “And then she proceeds to ask me to pick her up and hug her…and that would be the best part of my shift,” Lohnes told her supervisors who shared it on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Aaliyah’s mom, Pebbles Ryan, also shared the story on her Facebook page saying, “Well my youngest baby Aaliyah decided to call the police on my dad while I was at work.” Aaliyah’s grandfather was home at the time but said he had no idea the toddler called 911. Ryan taught Aaliyah how to call 911, but the little girl didn’t fully understand when it’s the right time to call the cops.

You want to teach your kids that last part, so they don’t end up like this 7-year-old girl who called 911 in a panic because she touched her elf on the shelf. It’s common for kids to play with the phone and usually when they call 911 it’s by mistake. “We normally sit them down and say, ‘Hey, this is for emergencies only,’ but she was only 2,” Lohnes told Inside Edition. “I was impressed that she could dial at all.” Officials said more than 250,000 accidental 911 calls were made in Aaliyah’s hometown of Greenville County, South Carolina in 2015 alone.

The deputy didn’t mind the little girl’s call though, and the two became fast friends. “My heart went out to Aaliyah, because not too long ago, I was the little girl dialing 911 just so I could see police officers show up at my house,” Lohnes said. “I was so enamored by police officers as a kid.”

Meet Aaliyah and Deputy Lohnes in the video below.