20 Hilarious Tweets About Millennials

by Joanna McClanahan
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As it turns out, being a millennial doesn’t mean that you’re lazy, entitled, and obsessed with social media. (Although it may include being annoyed that your generation is unfairly stereotyped as being lazy, entitled, and obsessed with social media.)

It all comes down to when you were born. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people who were born between 1982 and 2000 are millennials. So if you’re currently between 18 and 36, like it or not, you’re a millennial.

Part of being a millennial means you’re more likely to postpone marriage and having kids and less likely to want to own a car or to purchase a home. But luckily our social-media obsessed generation is pretty smart for being so lazy and entitled. And the funny millennials of Twitter are no exception.

I wish I loved anything as much as baby boomers love hating on millennials:

Which is funny because it seems like middle-aged people are the ones with no chill:

In fact, millennials are usually much nicer people:

And at least we’re tech savvy:

So let’s call this what it really is:

Baby boomers complain that we’re destroying the economy when they don’t pay us a living wage:

And complain about how we don’t buy real estate that we’ll never be able to afford:

In fact:

People think being PC is a bad thing when really we’re just not assholes:

And they hate on our selfies as if narcissism didn’t exist before 1982:

They think we’re crazy for believing in universal healthcare:

And yes, we love food, because who doesn’t?

And we love brunch, too:

And avocado toast:

And oh yeah, about that:

At least we know our brand:

Don’t be mad because you can’t understand our language:

We’re not mad because we know what’s up:

And we keep things in perspective:

But FFS, stop blaming us for all the things you ruined before we came along:

There you have it. Millennials get a lot of hate from older generations. But we weren’t the ones who put carpet on hardwood floors or voted Trump into office, so there’s that.

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