20 Hilariously Spot-On Tweets About Rage Cleaning

by Joanna McClanahan
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Twitter / @rabiasquared

Cleaning is an everyday part of every parent’s existence. We clean the living rooms, kids’ rooms, kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms… everything.

Yes, sometimes our kids or spouses help. But if your family is anything like mine, their definition of “clean” is something very different, and you end up having to re-clean it anyway.

And this everyday cleaning can quickly escalate into what’s referred to as “rage cleaning.” Rage cleaning is what happens when you constantly clean up after your family who, as it turns out, is perfectly capable of cleaning up after themselves.

It’s not advised to approach a mother as she rage cleans, but here are some hilarious tweets that help explain why it’s actually the best way to clean:

We’re aware how hopeless it feels to try to keep a clean house:

And if we had it our way, we’d just move:

But we don’t want to live in filth, so we do it anyway:

Pretty soon, all the little things start to build into big things:

And the messes keep adding up:

That’s when we start to get a little bit rage-y:

Before they get a LOT rage-y:

Then we learn that our family actually can hear us, but only when we’re mad:

This is not how I envisioned my future:

And this might actually be how I die someday:

And we all have our own coping mechanisms for rage cleaning:

And our own motivations:

Nothing motivates a rage-cleaning quite like the thought of having people over:

But if we could, we would probably start again from scratch:

And if we were honest, this is how we’d greet all of our company:

Luckily, my husband is super helpful:

Not to mention the kids:

And according to these super scientific astrology tweets, you might have a specific style of cleaning based on your sign:

I’m a Sagittarius, so mine was strangely accurate. Whatever your rage-cleaning style, we can all agree that rage cleaners get shit DONE. So we’re sorry for what we yelled while we were cleaning, but not sorry about how clean everything is for the (fleeting) moment.

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