200 Buses Are Headed To D.C. For Inauguration Day. 1800 Are Headed For The Women's March

by Maria Guido
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There are 1800 buses headed to D.C. for the Women’s March

Hundreds more permits for bus parking have been requested for January 21, the day of the Women’s March, than for Inauguration Day.

“Councilmember Charles Allen told News4 about 200 permits were requested for the inauguration on Friday, Jan. 20,” NBC reports. “The city has received about 1,800 permits for the following day, Jan. 21, when thousands are expected to attend the Women’s March on Washington in protest of President-elect Donald Trump.”

Let’s go over that again, shall we?

Women’s March, 1800 permits requested.

Trump’s Inauguration, 200 permits requested.

More than 183,000 will be attending the Women’s March, according to the event’s Facebook page.

Did we mention 1800 bus permits were requested for the Women’s March, and 200 for Trump’s Inauguration?

Just to recap, “about nine times more permits to park tour buses in D.C. have been requested for the day of the Women’s March on Washington than on Inauguration Day.”

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