21 Accurate AF Tweets About Raising Daughters

by Joanna McClanahan
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Twitter / @ScaryMommy

Raising a daughter has been an incredible blessing, but sometimes it feels like I’m raising a miniature version of myself. She knows what she likes, and she knows what she wants. She’s not afraid to stick up for herself, or for other people who might need it. She’s brave, outspoken, confident, and she loves to laugh.

There are some parts about raising daughters that are more universal, though. Like the fact that they really, really love to talk. And you understand the fresh hell of having glitter EVERYWHERE. Also, you probably have more than one hair tie on your floor as you read this.

I’m not saying that raising girls is easier or more difficult than raising boys; it’s just different. Luckily, the hilarious parents of Twitter also understand the struggle that is raising girls.

For instance, we want to raise confident women but also survive the process:

And we’d like to maybe get a word in edgewise:



We love how much they’re just like us:

And we hate how much they’re just like us:

We want to make sure they’re prepared with appropriate life skills:

And teach them about balance:

We want to make the most of all our bonding moments together:

And play together as much as we can:

Girls are incredibly smart:

And they’re advanced:

Very advanced:

Daughters like to be the boss:

They know what they like:

Sometimes it’s hard for them to let go of that stuff that they like:

They’re also very brave:

And it’s true that sometimes they can be a little emotional:

But who isn’t?:

And they start early:

But it’s all totally worth it:

Raising daughters is a unique and amazing experience. I have learned so much about life from my little girl. And I try to encourage her in every way (yes, even with the talking.) Because the world will try to tell her that she’s too bossy or that she laughs too loud. But my hope for her is that she always knows her worth, and continues to fight for what’s right.

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