Your 23 Week Old Baby


Your 23 Week Old Baby

Your Greatest Cheerleader Has Arrived

Scary Mommy Your Baby Week 23


In addition to gaining momentum and experimenting with babbling, your baby has been practicing and is getting very good at gripping objects and transferring them from one hand to another. Want to show off baby’s newly perfected skills? Of course you do. Humble-bragging is practically a new mother’s rite of passage, and what better way to do it than to give baby some toys and to snap away with the smart phone?

Not only can baby grip and transfer objects, but he also might begin to clap and wave — at and to everyone you meet in public. It’s okay, though. There’s still plenty of time before you have to perfect your stranger-danger speech. In the meantime, enjoy his enthusiasm. His never-ending excitement at your mere existence kind of makes you feel like a celebrity, doesn’t it?

Your baby is also learning about a little something known as cause and effect. You might notice him marveling when he bangs objects on the table and rejoicing at the noises they make, or laughing when he throws his food and sees you get upset. In time, he’ll learn exactly which buttons of yours to push in order to get you riled up, but for now, be thankful he’s content merely tossing his toys on the ground and watching you pick them up on repeat.

Don’t limit your photo ops to just baby’s fine motor accomplishments. Now’s the time to document all those precious moments before he turns into an ungrateful, soul-sucking teenager. (Kidding! Sort of.)


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