24 Hilarious Tweets Every Woman Can Relate To

by Joanna McClanahan
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Since forever, women have been depicted for years as the weaker sex: More emotional, dumber, and not funny. (Even though the women I know in real life are strong, sensible, smart, and hilarious.)

Women have always been paid less. We still are. (Another day, another 77 cents, amiright, ladies?)

We’re constantly fighting for rights over our own bodies. The majority of us have been sexually harassed or assaulted. Not to mention the fact that our uteruses are more regulated than guns. There is a self-proclaimed pussy grabber in the white house, FFS.

But it’s 2018 and women have no more patience left for bullshit. And we’re done apologizing.

So here are some hilarious tweets you’ll relate to if you’re a woman. Especially if you’re a woman with zero chill left.

Starting with the essentials:

And the nonessentials:

And the nonessentials that some women think are essential:

Then men want us to wear makeup, but not too much:

And our skin needs to be perfect, when they couldn’t care less about their own:

In fact, men’s products are a whole other mystery:

God forbid anyone ever get the men’s and women’s products confused:

But there’s a lot about women that men don’t understand:

Even the ones with man-buns:

And some men couldn’t be more clueless about what women want:

When all we really want is a level playing field.

If only there were a word for that…

Oh, I know what you’re thinking:

But people have so much animosity about the word feminism, maybe we need a new one:

Because it should be considered common sense to want the same rights as men:

Because the double standards are getting a little old:

Not to mention the unrealistic expectations:

In fact, new rule:

OK, two new rules:

Because it doesn’t matter:

And we don’t give a shit how they feel about our birth control either:

(For the record, this is how women feel about our birth control:)

We’re done being polite and overly apologetic:

If anything, we’re a little drunk with power:

So you better get ready, because women are over it, and ready to grab back.

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