You Got This Mama! Here’s 25 Things To Feel Confident About Right Now As A New Mom

You Got This Mama! Here’s 25 Things To Feel Confident About Right Now As A New Mom

Sponsored by Happy Family

Sponsored by Happy Family

Parenthood is a heady mix of love and anxiety. It’s being over-prepared but feeling underprepared, and sometimes forgetting that you crush it in a million little ways every single day.

You’re probably too tired to come up with a list of all the things you’re getting right, so we’ll do it for you.

1. You’ve managed to install an infant car seat, which requires a 7,000-page manual.

2. You’re handling the daily (hourly?) hormonal changes like a boss.

3. You understand the difference between your baby’s signals for hunger, discomfort, and just plain fussiness, which you didn’t even think was possible because, let’s face it, it’s not like babies are articulate communicators.

4. You’re getting nourishment into your child’s body, even if it doesn’t look exactly like you thought it would.

5. You figured out that providing the best nutrition doesn’t mean you have to make every single meal and snack from scratch, especially when there are great resources like Happy Family available.

6. You’ve cleaned something. Anything. Yay!

7. You remember your own and/or your baby’s name when necessary.

8. You’ve watched 4.5 minutes of a movie.

9. You’re realizing it’s perfectly normal to put your keys in the refrigerator sometimes.

10. You’re learning to trust yourself and ignore advice that you know is ridiculous.

11. Your house has toilet paper. Or something that can be used as toilet paper.

12. You’ve had a good laugh at the supermoms of social media and their “perfectly imperfect” cropped and filtered lives.

13. You’ve accepted that no matter how hard you try, socks aren’t a thing for babies. They’re just not.

14. You can shower, dry off, and get dressed in under 45 seconds.

15. You know that some things babies do make absolutely zero sense and cannot be figured out and you’re just going with it.

16. You’ve thought about maybe planning a possible date night in the coming six months.

17. If you’re reading this, you probably have not gotten into your car and driven off into the night, never to return.

18. You now know that a wide variety of garments can be called “pants”.

19. You’ve embraced your stretch marks as a sign of tiger-like strength.

20. You’ve successfully clipped teeny fingernails (even if you held your breath in fear the whole time).

21. You’re attempting a schedule. LOL.

22. You took it like a pro and worked through the gags when your baby threw up in your face.

23. You found your inner happy place and didn’t lose it when someone asked, “so when are you due!?”

24. You’re able to use an incredibly complicated baby carrier.

25. You’ve figured out that there are so many ways to do this right.