3-Year-Old Asks For Poop-Themed Birthday Party And Her Parents Totally Deliver

by Christina Marfice
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Via Rebecca

“She just happens to really, really love poop.”

Let’s face it: Kids can be weird as hell. Sometimes parents just have to “embrace the weird,” and that’s exactly what Missouri mom Rebecca did when it was time to plan her daughter Audrey’s third birthday.

Audrey wanted a poop-themed birthday party. And so her awesome, weird-embracing parents gave her a poop-themed birthday party. The weird kid that still lives inside me is screaming.

Via Rebecca Marose

“Like any kid, Audrey was excited about her birthday party and wanted to have it be about something she likes,” Rebecca tells Scary Mommy. “She just happens to really, really love poop. Every time the subject of her party would come up she said she wanted poop balloons and a poop cake.”

Via Rebecca Marose

Rebecca continues, “We tried to gently suggest different things but she always said poop. One night I said to my husband, ‘What if we just make it poop?’ He said she would love it. I do think we sometimes make the parties about impressing other adults, but this party was Audrey’s party, so we decided to make it something she would love.”

So that’s what they did. Thanks to Apple’s smiling poo emoji, Rebecca was able to find plenty of cute poop-themed party supplies online, including costumes for both herself and Audrey. Other parts of the party she DIY’d, like a “Pin the Poop in the Toilet” game, which is exactly as hilarious as it sounds.

Via Rebecca Marose

The party was held last October, but the photos were only recently discovered and went viral. Rebecca says Audrey is loving the attention.

“I told her that a bunch of people are looking at pictures of her poop party and think it’s so funny and cool,” she shares. “Dr. Oz just mentioned it and she’s watched it over and over. She says she wants to be a doctor, so she thought it was awesome a doctor was talking about it.”

Via Rebecca Marose

Rebecca said Audrey’s love for poop is still as strong as it was on the day of her party.

“I have NO idea where the poop obsession comes from,” she said. “But yes, it is real and it shows up every single day.”

Audrey even calls herself the “poop detective” at home.

“Our dog once pooped in the house while we were gone. Now every time when we walk in the house Audrey says she’s the ‘poop detective’ and has to go look for it,” Rebecca says.

Via Rebecca Marose

Rebecca tells us she never expected Audrey’s party to go viral, but loves how the story makes her daughter’s unique zest for life shine.

“I don’t think it ever even occurred to her that poop was a funny theme for a party,” she says. “When you’re older, you have plenty of people trying to dictate what’s cool and what’s not. Right now, I love that she just likes what she likes. That’s why we decided to embrace the weird now.”

And we’re so glad they did.

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