This 3-Year-Old Got The 'Princess Chewbacca' Birthday Cake Of Her Dreams

by Valerie Williams
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A creative mom in Oregon saw to it that her “Star Wars” and princess-loving 3-year old daughter would have the birthday cake of her dreams by combining both interests into one amazing confection. The result is the cutest (and possibly, only) “Chewbacca Princess” cake you’ll ever see.

When it came time to plan Sophie Hevlin’s third birthday party, mom Jamie knew right away what theme to go with. She tells The Huffington Post, “Sophie loves ‘Star Wars’! She has been watching the original trilogy her whole life.” Jamie and her husband Brian are also big fans of the film series and decided to throw Sophie an elaborate “Star Wars” birthday party.

Jamie found a Chewbacca action figure and thought it would be fun to combine Sophie’s love of princesses with her love of “Star Wars” by making a cake that turned Chewbacca into a princess. After several bakeries turned her down saying the action figure was too large to build a cake around, Jamie’s friend, Megan McChesney, came through in a very big way:

Jamie says “Her cake was every bit as awesome as an expensive bakery cake would have been.” When Sophie spotted it, she was similarly thrilled. Jamie excitedly remembers her daughter’s reaction. “She said, ‘Oooh! Chewbacca is so pretty, Mom!’ Then she promptly asked me to hand her a fork.” The couple’s creativity didn’t stop with the amazing cake idea. The party was full of “Star Wars” details, right down to fun snacks such as, “Leia Buns” and “Wookiee Cookies.” Sophie’s grandmother even made an adorable “Star Wars” dress for the little girl to wear to her party. Behold the ridiculous cuteness:

It’s clear this is a passion for the whole family and something they had fun planning together. Sometimes, going a little over-the-top for a kid’s birthday party is mostly for the parents, and that’s totally ok. Jamie and Brian were obviously so excited to share their love of “Star Wars” with their child, and we’re sure this is only the beginning of tons of memorable “Star Wars” fun for Sophie and her parents.

One of the best parts of having kids is introducing them to your favorite things and seeing if they end up loving them as much as you do. When a family has a bond in the form of a shared interest, it can become a life-long excuse to hang out together and relate to one another. Whether it’s a sport, a movie series or a favorite band, it unites parents and their kids to have something in common they can always come back to. Families like the Hevlin’s will always have a blast celebrating “Star Wars” and being together, which is the best result of all.

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