Target-Obsessed Toddler Gets Her Dream Birthday

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Image via Emily Kern‎.

BRB stealing this idea for my birthday

You love Target; we love Target – everyone loves Target. But three-year-old Charlie might be the superstore’s biggest fan after demanding a Target-themed birthday party that is beyond adorable.

Sure, Charlie’s mom Emily Kern‎ does deserve most of the credit for planning, decorating, and baking everything Target-themed for the birthday bash. But it was Charlie who came up with the idea. “About January I started asking my daughter what kind of party she wanted. Right off the bat, she said ‘Target,'” Kern told Scary Mommy. “I laughed and was like ‘no that’s not a party. Why not Trolls?'”

Image via Emily Kern

But little Charlie likes what she likes and wasn’t about to back down. “Well she wasn’t having it. Anytime someone asked her what kind of party she said, ‘Target.'” We adore your feisty love for Target, Charlie. And apparently, your mom does, too, because she said: “The more time went on I was like ‘You know what, it’s different let’s do it!'”

Image via Emily Kern

Charlie has loved Target almost as long as she has been alive. “When she was born I was struggling with being cooped up inside so I would load her up and off to Target we went,” her mom shared. “I would go 1-2 times a week just to get out of the house. So maybe she just grew to love it from that. I don’t know!”

Image via Emily Kern‎

Charlie’s birthday party had Target everything – red outfits, Pizza Hut slices, and even her own Dollar Spot. Consider us very jealous. “I made target symbols to hang around and then got balloon letters to spell ‘Target’ and ‘Cafe,'” Charlie’s mom explained. “Target went out front to act as the storefront and then with the cafe; we did all foods that you can get in the cafe – popcorn, Pizza Hut, and hot dogs on a roller.”

“Then for party favors, we did a ‘Dollar Spot,'” Kern told us. “I had a toy bin with bulk items and our local Target was so nice to give us check out bags and stickers for the kids.” Best. Party. Favors. Ever. “So [the kids] grabbed them and went ‘shopping’ of course the only picture I have is after it was ransacked,” Charlie’s mom said. We can’t blame them. Who can pass up the Dollar Spot at their Target?

Image via Emily Kern‎

Charlie’s mom even made special food for the big day. “The dessert, I made her Target cake,” she shared. “Then just made chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos, obviously in red and white!”

Image via Emily Kern

And all because one adorable toddler adores America’s favorite store. “She truly loves Target,” her mom said. “She knows when we are on the way, that Target is close and she asks if we can go.”

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